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The Exchange Building

Birzhevaya square, 4

The Central building of the architectural ensemble of the spit of Vasilyevsky island

The development of the project was entrusted to the architect Thomas de Tomona. In 1805-1810, the architect Thomas de Thomon built on the area of the new Exchange building that meets the needs of the growing economy of Russia. But the construction was not finished because of the war with Napoleon. The official opening of the Exchange took place only on 15 July 1816.

From 1939-1941, the building is the Central naval Museum. The history of the Museum begins in 1709, when Peter the great ordered to collect the collection, reflecting the history of the Russian fleet. In the Museum collection is more than 1700 models of ships, both ancient and the most modern designs and layouts of battle, battle flags, weapons. Among the exhibits - the "Grandfather of the Russian fleet" boat of Peter I.

At the turn of 2000-2010-ies a decision was made to transfer the Central Naval Museum from the Exchange building to the new site. Currently it belongs to the State Hermitage.