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The General staff building

Palace square, 10

One of the most significant buildings of Russian classicism beginning of the XIX century

The General staff building on the Palace square designed by architect K. Rossi.

A huge building built by the architect for the General staff and the Ministry of foreign Affairs perfectly fits into the ensemble of the Palace square. The majestic monumental arch with a span of 17 meters, embodies the idea of victory in the Patriotic war of 1812, crowned with a chariot drawn by six horses, with warriors and a figure of Fame.

In 2013 she completed a large-scale reconstruction of the Eastern wing of the General Staff building. It housed the exhibits of the State Hermitage.

Under the arch of the General Staff can see the clock on the dial which is visible inscription "the Main chamber. The exact time". They were installed in 1905 at the initiative of D. I. Mendeleev.

If you are afraid of losing time in line at the Winter Palace - visit to the Main Headquarters. After visiting the exposition, You can safely tell your friends that you visited the Hermitage