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"I read a lot about Peter the Great"

Many foreigners on the question of the distinctive feature of the St. Petersburg FIFA Fan Festival™ singled out the spirit of unity reigning here. Adam, who lives in Portsmouth, which is in the southeast of England, fully agrees with this

– Everything just coincided perfectly, - the Englishman says. - I really love football, I watch most matches. And I'm interested in the history of St. Petersburg. And so in the end it turned out that the FIFA World Cup™ is held in Russia, with matches in St. Petersburg! I was always attracted to your architecture, and I was very interested in the Hermitage. I've seen a lot of photos on the web and now I see it all with my own eyes! I also read a lot about Peter the Great, that he started building this city, establishing contacts with Europeans.

– We say "cut the window to Europe". Were there any concerns about the trip?
– You know, yes. I was a little afraid about security. It's no secret that there are tense moments between our states. I understand that this all happens in politics and between governments, but this interferes with normal relations between us, ordinary citizens.

– And how did you prepare?
– I was just looking for the necessary information, I learned a couple of words: "thank you" and "good evening". I'm glad that I came, because everything here is very beautiful - buildings, architecture; I cannot help admiring. And people - you, despite many rumors, are friendly and ready to help.

– Do you think it's easy to navigate in the city for those who do not know Russian?
– I think yes. I walked a lot around the city, with no problems. I have already visited the Hermitage - it was great. We were also in the Peter and Paul Fortress, and in the plans - the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Again, you have a great architecture. Very nice underground, by the way.

– What was important for you to see in the country, that hosts the tournament?
– I distinguish several components. The main thing that people were happy with the championship. Enjoyed by the fact that they are hosting the competition. In Russia, it is so! You have a very friendly and hospitable people. It is evident that you are pleased with the FIFA World Cup™. The second - is security. So that people who come to you feel, that nothing bad will happen to them. And if something happens, they will always be helped. And the third - ease in navigation, so that everything was easy to find, it was clear and understandable. You have a big city, and one wants to see a lot, that is, one has to move around a lot. And you have no problems with that.

– Have you already made friends?
– Well, how to say ... We were at the bar, rested with Russian fans. Nice guys. We had a very good time, drank vodka, and rested (laughs).

– Discussed your favorite players?
– A little. In principle, I really like Messi. But if we talk about our team, then definitely my favorite is Kane. Wonderful player! I think that he will lead our team to success. In general, we have a great team.