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Day in history: how Ignashevich refused to play handball

Today there are many reasons to arrange a holiday. First, on July 14, 1897, Sunday in Russia was declared an official day off. Secondly, on July 14, 1789, the Great French Revolution began from the capture of the Bastille and now it is the national holiday of France. Although it is unlikely that the players of the national team of this country will celebrate it today, because they want to arrange

On July 14, 2005, in England, the football club "United of Manchester" was founded - a club created by the fans and for the fans. It is managed by a trust fund of fans that controls sponsorship contracts, staff and ticket prices. Recently, the team opened its own stadium.

The holiday today is also in the family of Sergei Ignashevich - July 14, 1979, the best defender of the Russian national team was born, the record holder for the number of matches played for the national team. In the national team, Sergei Ignashevich made his debut in 2002 against Sweden, and the following year he scored a double to Switzerland, proving that he is able not only to play in defense, but he can also act in the attack. Then, more than once, Ignashevich scored important goals for the team. After the unsuccessful Euro-2016, the defender decided to interrupt his career in the national team, but when he was needed on the eve of the World Cup, he returned to the team and played well.

Unyielding on the field, in life, Sergei was much more accommodating. In an interview, he admitted that, at the request of his wife, he turned off the sports TV channel at home.

- We have a small child, and it requires a lot of attention. I used to sit at home in front of TV for hours. I watched everything, up to the women's handball. My wife asked me to give it up. I agreed, - Ignashevich explained.

For 14 years, the player was included in the list of 33 best footballers of the Russian championship; he is the most effective Russian defender in history, 56 goals scored in his career. Nevertheless, after our team completed the performance at the World Cup, Sergei Ignashevich announced the completion of his football career.