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Quadrille for Axel Witsel

In the match for the third place, the Konyushennaya Square unanimously supported both the British and the Belgians, but the latter still were closer to St. Petersburg, because they were more willing to win

On the eve of the final match of the FIFA World Cup™, French players admitted: they liked it so much in Russia that they would like to stay here after the tournament. Their compatriots, like other Europeans, came to this conclusion much earlier and regretted that they had not come to our country before.

At the FIFA Fan Festival™, they seem to catch up: they got acquainted with Russian fans, made joint photos with fans of other countries, dancing quadrille. Those who came to the Konyushennaya Square today were lucky - they guests were cheered before the game Belgium - England, the band Otava Yo played incendiary Russian tunes, listening to which it was impossible to stand still.

In front of the stage, there was organized a conga, participation in which caused genuine enthusiasm among foreigners. In general, today was the rare day when the hosts of the tournament decided that it was time to show themselves, and not just look at the guests. Kokoshniki filled the site, Russian folk melodies were heard from the stage, and international pairs could be seen here and there dancing to these melodies. Even the rain didn’t stop the fun. The guests simply danced with umbrellas.

- We decided to make our dad a gift - to allow him to watch football in the company of the same crazy as he, - laughs Alyona, holding the one-year-old kid. - We want to spend the weekend together, and our father is an avid fan, and when the matches are on Saturday or Sunday, he sits down by the TV and could hardly restrain himself from screaming. And here he can scream as much as he likes. But we like it here!

The husband of Alena - Denis - is a fan of England. He was very upset that it did not reach the final.

- In general, even before the start of the championship, I dreamt that our team and the British would play in the finals, - Denis admitted. - For some reason it seemed to me that Russia in this championship will go far. Well, I was not very mistaken. Only it would have turned out that we would have played in the semifinals!

Denis did not expect a large number of goals from the match, he bet on 1: 0 in favor of the British.

However, already at the beginning of the game this forecast turned out to be incorrect. The score really became 1-0, but the goal was scored by the Belgians. And that pleased two girls, standing near the stage. Both had a tricolor flag of Belgium on their cheeks.

- We support Belgium, because in this team two players of FC “Zenit” played before, - says Tatiana. - It's a pity that Nicholas Lombaerts is no longer in a team, I'm sorry that he left Petersburg, he did a lot for “Zenit”. And he is a good man. Sincere and always attentive to the fans. Now we support Axel Witsel. Read, he said that the stadium in St. Petersburg is the best in Russia! Let him remember it not only for the beauty!

The wish of the fans of the ex-FC “Zenit” Lobmaerts and Witsel is coming true - in the second half, the team of Belgium doubles the score and becomes the bronze medalist of the World Cup. The fan from Belgium in a wig, reminiscent of the haircut of Witsel, immediately becomes popular on the Konyushennaya Square - everyone wants to be photographed with him for memory. Those who are cheering for England are all consoled as they can. However, experience shows that for a long time no one has been able to feel sad at the FIFA Fan Festival™.