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"We have not seen anything like this before"

Giorgio and Melissa from Mexico City had planned their trip to St. Petersburg before their team left the tournament, and friends' advice helped them not to cancel the trip

 – While we were at home, we thought that our team would play in the arena "St. Petersburg" – tell the guys. – You know, to visit the FIFA World Cup™ was our old dream, and we are glad that we got out! We were not afraid of a long flight with a transfer in Istanbul (laugh). In the search engine we found information about the country, looked at what places are recommended to visit by other tourists. We made up a cultural program. We did not study culture particularly deeply, because we cannot understand it without seeing it with our own eyes, without actually visiting the country. Tomorrow we'll go to Moscow.

– What caught your eye when you just arrived?
– Cleanliness in the streets, in the whole city. And incredible beauty - flowers are everywhere. And, as an avid tourist, I cannot help but say about your architecture. It refers to a type that you will not find in any corner of the planet. And people! They are kind, friendly and ready to help.

– Do you think it's easy to navigate in the city for foreigners who do not know Russian?
– Some people we met did not know English. Our friends, who came to St. Petersburg earlier, for such moments, were advised to use an online translator, and this really works. And in general, friends told us many useful things! They told us what and how, shared the stories of their trip. They liked everything, and we decided to go, despite the fact that our team did not play anymore.

– Is this your first World Cup and the first FIFA Fan Festival™?
– The first. We have not seen anything like this. I immediately noticed a nice organization; everything was conveniently done. In general, Russia for us - is beauty, friendliness and, perhaps, economy. Here everything is affordable. In Spain, for example, everything is much more expensive! So, we have a lot of money for matryoshkas! I would like to find something more traditional, handmade, related to your culture. We really want to come here again. If there is a chance, we are sure to come back.