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Speak French!

The French team defeated Croatia and became the world champion in 2018 in Moscow. In St. Petersburg, at the FIFA Fan Festival™. Anastasia, who only recently has fallen in love with football, predicted this victory

The French tricolors that shot up, the joyful faces of some and the bitter silence of those who were cheering for the Croats wholeheartedly - that was how the Konyushennaya Square looked like in the first minutes after the final match of the World Cup.

In the pavilion for special guests of the FIFA Fan Fest, where the low-mobile fans all these hot, filled with emotions and fun 31 days enjoyed football, Anastasia was smiling. Before the start of the match, she was sure that France would win.

- Firstly, I liked how this team played. Secondly, I like France. I know this country better than Croatia, - Anastasia tries to logically explain her intuition.

The experience of her cheering is not high - Anastatia became interested in football when the stadium "St. Petersburg" was built next to her house. She went to one match of FC “Zenit”, then to the second, and since then, has not missed a single game. And this year she got carried away with the World Championship, supported the Russian national team, and when it left the tournament, she discovered the abilities of the forecaster.

- Here is my friend Katya – she has long been fond of football, but yesterday we argued with her who would become the bronze medalist and I won! - says Anastasia. - I was sure that Belgium would win, and Katya thought about the English.

At the final, the sympathies of the girls also did not coincide.

- I'm for Croatia. I know, everyone says that they will lose, but I want the miracle to happen and the Croats become world champions!

And let the miracle that Katya had been waiting for did not happen, the match turned out to be amazing. Six goals scored, and Croats, at some point, were close to minimizing the gap with the French. Not surprisingly, after a couple of minutes, on the Konyushennaya Square, the fun began and everyone was frantic, and it was already difficult to understand who was cheering for which team.

Only one thing was sad - this was the last match of the FIFA World Cup Russia™. The visitors will leave, the Konyushennaya Square will turn into a regular traffic junction. However, its name will now sound in many parts of the country and all over the world - wherever our FIFA Fan Festival™  will be remembered.