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"My football mood has risen greatly"

The leader of the group “Animal ДжаZ” Alexander Krasovitsky calls himself a football fan. He has been cheering for the FC “Zenit” and, of course, for the Russian national team since childhood. Although on the eve of the FIFA World Cup™, he was was skeptical about our team. So much more is his joy now

- I've seen a lot of matches and I can only say one thing - it's wonderful! When you watch TV and suddenly you realize that this is happening in our country, although the picture is as if it were somewhere in Germany. And we have it here – it is very cool! - Alexander says

- Did something surprise you at the tournament?
- Our team! In a good way. I did not expect. I was among the skeptics who did not believe in the team. Not aggressive, though. I did not yell everywhere that our team would lose. I just realized about myself: if I stop hoping, and suddenly something cool happens, my joy will be stronger. So it happened, thank God.

- Do you mind Artyom Dzyuba returns to FC “Zenit”?
- He's a tough dude! He is very sincere. I always sympathized with him.

- Did any other team (apart from the Russian team) cause interest in the tournament?
- I was hoping for the Brazilians, I liked them. Despite the fact that it were the Croats who knocked us out of the World Cup, I like their team also. And I like Messi – he is the only one in the Argentinian national team. I was worried about these teams.

- Now that everything is over, will there be a football hangover?
- I definitely will not have it! I continue to rejoice that we have finally reached the 1/4 finals of the World Cup, and I will rejoice for a long time. And I will wait, that ours will continue to work in autumn, when the qualifying games of the European championship begin. I'm still cheering for “Zenit”. In a word, my overall football mood has risen greatly.

- You were very well welcomed at the FIFA Fan Fest™ by the fans who came here to watch football. Do football and music have something in common?
- If looking from the stage, then the common thing is the payoff, the desire to give 100% at every concert, no matter how many people are watching you and which audience you are playing for. There is a desire to do a deed that you consider your vocation, at the maximum of what you can. Probably, it's kind of like football. After all, what did our guys need at this tournament? The return! Even if we lost to the Croats in the main time, no one would be offended, because our players played like for the last time. The same applies to music, to every concert. You have to go on stage and play like for the last time.

- As a fan to the fans - do you want to wish something?
- Be wiser. Tolerant to your team. I did not really believe in it, but I did not say anything about it. If you do not believe in something - do not believe in yourself, but hope for the best. I think that now our players will get more support than ever before. Yo!