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"Cinema. "Lenfilm". Football "- a new book about cinema is published in St. Petersburg

July 9 at 18.00 at "Lenfilm" there will be a presentation of the book "Cinema. "Lenfilm". Football". The author of the publication is the well-known Petersburg film critic and sports commentator Alexei Dunaevsky. The book was released by the film studio "KinoMelnitsa" with the support of "Lenfilm"

In the city on the Neva there was always a special attitude to football. It was in St. Petersburg in 1897, that the first Russian football match took place. For the emerging cinema in the same era, football has become one of the permanent subjects. In Soviet Leningrad, the first full-length films were created about the game number 1, which are well known and beloved to this day - "Vratar", "Zapasnoy Igrok", "Udar! Eshe udar!", and many others.

A special theme in the book is the legendary blockade football game that took place on May 31, 1942, when Leningrad was in a dense ring of enemy siege. Its holding in the city-front became a clear proof for the whole country and the whole world that Leningrad was alive and continued to struggle. This holy theme for all of us could not pass the cinema. "Lenfilm" reflected the heroic page of our history.

The book by Alexei Dunaevsky tells how films about football were made. The author uses many unique documents; the publication is illustrated by posters, rare photographs and complemented by other valuable materials collected in various archives, libraries, museum funds of Russia and abroad, as well as received from direct participants in the events, or their relatives.

In the course of the work, Alexei actively communicated, including through social networks, with a whole army of football fans, who helped him in collecting the material. And in this sense the book can be considered truly popular.