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The results of the FIFA Fan Festival™ and additional public sites for viewing 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matches

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ is over, and with it the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg also completed its work

For 32 days of the Championship the Konyushennaya Square has become a hospitable home for hundreds of thousands of fans, has witnessed a huge number of emotions and passions of these fans who watched their teams’ games on the giant screen of the Festival.

In total, the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg was visited by 1,303,464 people. Average attendance was 43,000 people a day.

Fans of all 32 countries participating in the World Cup, as well as fans of football from countries that were not selected for the Championship: China, the USA, Algeria, Canada, Kazakhstan and others, visited the FIFA Fan Festival™ on the Konyushennaya Square.

During the World Championship on the fan zone of St. Petersburg, there was not a single incident involving fans. All guests of the Festival mentioned its amazing atmosphere.

The special atmosphere of the Festival was also mentioned by honorable guests, among whom there were ambassadors of the World Cup from St. Petersburg Anatoly Turchak and Gennady Orlov, FIFA Fan Fest™ ambassadors Marcel Desailly and Alexander Kerzhakov, ex-players of Argentina and Nigeria Juan Pablo Sorin and Kanu. Guests not only treated the fans with cheers from the stage, but also participated in autograph sessions, and took pictures with all comers and communicated with their fans in an informal atmosphere.

The fans of football were not confused with the vagaries of the weather. The second week of the Festival went to the accompaniment of rain, however, even these days almost every day a full house was registered. Only on July 2, at the second match of the day Belgium-Japan, when it was very cold and rainy, there was an average load on the fan zone.

It is especially important that people came to the Festival with whole families. A very large number of parents were with children. For the young guests of the Festival, the Children's Registration Center worked. At the information desk, children were given a special bracelet with their name and contact number of accompanying persons. It was very convenient for the smallest fans and their parents - parents always knew that in the event of an accidental loss of a child in a crowded space, the organizers would always help find a child. As a result, according to the organizers' calculations, the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg was visited by about 270 thousand children of different ages.

The entertainment program, a variety of food and drinks, official FIFA content and other events - all made the fan zone in St. Petersburg the most attractive holiday destination in the city for its guests and the residents of St. Petersburg.

In total, 40 musical bands performed on the stage of the Festival, for most of them it was a unique experience, which the artists recognized themselves - they have not see such an atmosphere anywhere. Some of the artists stayed on site as spectators after their concerts. Foreign fans very warmly welcomed the Russian musical groups, because there are no national barriers for music, as for football. The real adornment of the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg was the performances of the groups “Nochnye Snaipery”, “Neschastny Sluchai”, “Therr Maitz”, Igor Korneluk, “Konets Filma”, “Animal Jazz”, “Optimistic Orchestra”, and “Ottawa Yo”.

The guests also mentioned the work of volunteers. In total, about 100 of them worked on the site daily. Guests of the Festival, and journalists noted the efficiency and skill with which the guys helped the fans: in terms of navigation, and in the emergence of various life situations - parents with children, people with disabilities and everyone who needed assistance of the organizers.

People's interest in the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg is indicated by the attendance figures of the official accounts of the Festival in social networks. According to our data, an average of 1,000,000 (one million) people visited the Festival's pages on a daily basis.

On the day of the Russia-Egypt match, about 2 million people visited the Festival's pages and more than 3 million people - on the day of the Russia-Croatia match.

Note that the dismantling of temporary constructions of the FIFA Fan Festival™ will last until July 25.

In addition to the FIFA Fan Festival™, the World Cup matches could also be watched at two public viewing venues. The FootBroFest football fans' festival in the territory of "Lenexpo" (VO, Bolshoy pr., 103) united more than 20 000 people, and the open area on the square in front of SK "Yubileyny" (Dobrolyubov Ave., 18) visited by more than 35 thousand fans.