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Football sea of flowers

The main decorations of St. Petersburg at the present moment are, of course, the arena on Krestovsky Island and the Fan Festival on the Konyushennaya Square. Though, the walks between these two points (and around the city) can also be spent in a football atmosphere


Throughout the city, more than 100 special "football" flowerbeds are installed. The main driveways to St. Petersburg - Pulkovskoe Highway and Moskovsky Prospekt - are decorated with flowerbeds in one style, using elements and colors of the official symbols of the World Cup.

Thematic designs and flowerbeds have appeared in all areas of the city. Particular attention is paid to Krestovsky Island and Primorsky Victory Park - 160 thousand flowers are planted around the main competition area. In the green zones, right at the FIFA Fan Festival™ on the Konushennaya Square, and on training grounds and stadiums, lawns were repaired and dozens of young seedlings and thousands of bushes were planted.

The biggest flower tricolor with balls - an area of ​​almost 200 square meters - stretched along the Dudergofsky canal. 14 thousand petunia flowers were used to create an ideal background for commemorative photographs. In general, 20.000 flower arches, cascades and figured flowerpots in the design of which more than 70 plant species were used, appeared in the city streets.

All designs, including 300 special soccer arches and frames, will remain in the streets after the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™.