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"This is something special and outstanding"

The Italian Alfredo works on a cruise liner, and during the stay of a ship, he most often tries to rest from hard shifts. However, our city is an exception to the rule

– This time St. Petersburg looks very different, I have not seen it like that so far, - says Alfredo. - I really love football, and it's a great success - to be in Russia during the final matches. In every country where I used to be, stunning fan zones were organized, but Russia permeates the football mood right through. By the way, the city also did not lose its charm of antiquity.

– The Italian team does not participate in the FIFA World Cup™, and you have the flag of England on your sleeve, were you cheering for it?
– Yes, I really wanted to see the English in the final. I come from Turin, and my favorite player is England goalkeeper Joe Hart. It's hard for me to follow the games all the time. For example, I saw only one game of the Russian national team, when there was a victory with a score of 5-0. That was awesome! I can only imagine what a holiday was on the streets. I did not see the rest of the matches, I did not have enough free time because of work.

– And what prevents you from watching football?
– I work with Italian tourists: I answer their questions, I help navigate the ship. St. Petersburg is just one of the points on our route, we visit quite a few countries: on our way there are England, Germany, and all the Baltic and Scandinavian ports. The work is insanely interesting, but takes 24 hours a day. However, when the ship is in the port, I have an excellent opportunity to walk around St. Petersburg, relax and feel like a tourist. In previous trips, I visited the Hermitage, St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals, the Savior on Spilled Blood, was in Peterhof and even sailed on the boat along the Neva. I really love St. Petersburg! In my opinion, it resembles small France. These streets, old houses, rain and the attractive grayness of the roofs - what is not Paris? I'm an architect by education, and it seems to me that I'm catching this similarity in architecture, which the guests like so much.

– But if something is different - it's people, isn’t it?"
– I did not talk and work a lot with Russian people, we have a special Russian-speaking staff on the liner for this. However, there are many Russian people who want to travel around Europe. Italians love Russians, although we are different. You are more reserved, and we are more expressive (actively accompanies speech with hand gestures). But, to be precise, the manner of behavior still depends on the region in which you live. For example, I am from the northern part of Italy, and I am calmer than the inhabitants of Naples.

– And what about the inhabitants of other countries?
– For the most part I communicate not just with foreigners, but with tourists. They are always positive. Someone more, some less. I try to visit every place that we visit during the cruise, but I can still highlight St. Petersburg as something special and outstanding. And for the time of the FIFA World Cup™ this city emphasized its charm of unity of different countries, peoples and nationalities. It's always nice to see how people unite! Here, at the FIFA Fan Festival™, I am for the first time and I have already imbued this atmosphere. For example, a few minutes ago I took a joint photo with a fan from China, and at the entrance, the police was so polite that this day has already produced in my memory only the warmest memories.