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Sebastian Driussi: "Dzyuba is definitely good!"

Argentine player of FC “Zenit” is now at the training camp and is preparing for a new football season. Nevertheless, he follows what is happening at the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ and is happy for the success of his teammate

– Fans from Argentina say that most of all in St. Petersburg they are surprised by the white nights, as they cannot sleep when it's light outside. What would you advise to do in such case?
– At first, I also had problems with it! I just came to Petersburg, I lived for a while in the hotel and the fact that it was light at night, was quite unusual for me. I did not sleep for several nights because of this. Now I'm used to it. I think that there is no other cure for this - it just takes time to get used to.

– If you cannot sleep, maybe you should go for a walk? Where can you advise the fans of the Argentina national team to go in St. Petersburg?
– I do not even know! I rarely go out. I think that my compatriots will understand me, because we are Argentines – we are homebodies, we give a lot of attention to the family and children. In St. Petersburg, if I go out somewhere, I go to restaurants in the evenings. I can advise a few restaurants where one can go out to dinner and wait out the white nights (smiling).

– What dish of Russian cuisine do they need to order at the restaurant?
– To be honest, I have never tried Russian national dishes, but everyone is usually advised to try borsch.

– Fans of the national team of Argentina will see the stadium "St. Petersburg" for the first time. What were your first impressions of the arena?
– This is a very beautiful stadium! One of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, on which I had to play. Its dimensions are particularly impressive. During the match there is an amazing atmosphere in the arena. However, for me the most unusual, after gong on the field, was to find out that the roof of the stadium is closed. This is the strongest impression for me; probably for the rest of my life I'll remember it! I've never played in closed stadiums before.

– You are now at the training camp with FC “Zenit”. Is it possible to follow the World Championship? Did you like any teams involved?
– We try to follow all the matches regardless of who plays them. Unfortunately, we can’t watch all the games, because they coincide with our training. Otherwise, we would look all of them with pleasure. I liked Mexico and Belgium. Well, Dzyuba is definitely good! (laughs)