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Taste of St. Petersburg

Petersburg cuisine and 6 dishes that are sure to try in St. Petersburg


Since its foundation St. Petersburg has become not only the capital city but also a kind of trendsetter in architecture, culture, history, and the art of cooking.

Most famous and talented European artists of the time, coming to St. Petersburg, brought traditions and techniques of cooking to our city. Best French, Italian, German chefs creatively reworked old Russian cuisine recipes, so many classic Russian dishes found exquisite European sound.

Later, the influence of the St. Petersburg’s cuisine began to spread throughout Russia, introducing diversity in the gastronomic traditions of the various regions of the country.

Today, the world St.Petersburg’s haute cuisine remains to be one of the most interesting in Russia. History, tradition, culinary experiments, influence of the major European artists - all this factors are creating a unique composition and quality combination, mosaic of flavors and styles.

Leningrad’s «Pyshki» (Russian donut holes)

«Pyshki is a traditional dessert» in St. Petersburg. The dish that is called "Ponchiki" throughout the country, in St. Petersburg, only named as "Pyshki ". If you have been in St. Petersburg, and have not tried this delicacy, it means that you do not know "the taste of St. Petersburg".

One of the eldest Café in the city «Pyshechnaya» (B. Konyushennaya) exists since 1958. We warn you that to try a few aromatic rings, sprinkled with sugar powder you’ll have to stay in a queue where both local people and tourists patiently waiting for their turn.

Fried Smelt

Dish of the smelt is a true culinary symbol of St. Petersburg. «Neva smelt» - a small, but very tasty and satisfying. It lives in the local waters, so in all the times it was cooked by the Peterburgers. Spring is considered to be the season for arrival of the smelt. Smell of fried smelt on the streets of St. Petersburg reminds about the arrival of real spring. Every year in one of the May days St. Petersburg celebrates «The Smelt Festival».

According to festival organizers, the smelt became the brand of Saint Petersburg as well as «Draw bridges» or «The Scarlet Sails», moreover «The Smelt Festival» became an important social event for the entire city.

Leningrad`s «Rassolnik»

«Rassolnik» is considered to be a legend of Soviet cuisine. If «The Traditional Rassolnik» in Moscow is usually cooked with beef kidney, St. Petersburg’s version also adds pre-cooked pearl barley. In Soviet times, on the territory of St. Petersburg, recipe with barley and meat, which is called - "Leningrad`s Rassolnik" was very popular.

Leningrad`s «Rassolnik» deservedly takes the first place among the first dishes that should be tried in St. Petersburg.

 «Beef Stroganoff» or «Beef Stroganov»

This is one of the most famous and most popular dishes of Russian cuisine. The invention of this culinary masterpiece is credited to Count Alexandr Stroganov, who was in the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in 1854 - The Military Governor of St. Petersburg.

According to the legend, the old Count had dental problems and therefore his cook sliced meat thinly and fried it, pouring hot cream sauce to make it convenient to eat.

Guryev porridge

In St. Petersburg «author» dishes are also popular. Guryev porridge - is the legendary royal dessert specially made from semolina and fruits. The name of porridge comes from the name of Count Dmitriy Guryev, Minister of Finance and member of the State Council of the Russian Empire. According to the legend, Count Guryev himself or his servant invented the recipe of this porridge.

Guryev Porridge - healthy and tasty breakfast, which is a great start of a new day in the city on the Neva river.

Chebureki Leningrad

Many generations of Leningrad remember the famous "Cheburechnaya on Mayorov street" now Voznesensky Prospect, which is still cooking the most delicious Leningrad’s pasties according to the original recipe since 1962.

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