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"The city is ready" project

The St. Petersburg public campaign "THE CITY IS READY!" is a project aimed at bringing together the efforts of the executive bodies of state power, business structures and the general public in addressing issues of socio-economic and cultural development of St. Petersburg within the framework of the FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia ™.

The City is ready
The sign "The City is ready!"

Now business entities and public organizations can become part of the main sport event of the city and take an active part in the process of preparation, promotion and familiarization with the 2018 World Cup.

More than 100 applications for participation in the Project have been submitted to the Government of St. Petersburg. 88 organizations received confirmation and the right to use the sign "The City is ready!" 

Various organizations of St. Petersburg of any form of ownership, producing products that perform work or provide services for the population can become participants of the project: restaurants and cafes, airports, railway stations and passenger ship terminals, shops, hotels, cultural institutions (museums, galleries, parks, theaters), as well as public organizations.