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Yellow-red mood of St. Petersburg

This Tuesday the Petersburg weather finally pleased us with the sun. However, even without it, there was plenty of bright yellow in Petersburg. The real yellow-blue river flowed towards the stadium "St. Petersburg", where the Swedes played with the Swiss. And those who were unlucky to get tickets went to the FIFA Fan Festival™

Here, the yellow-and-blue colors of the Swedish national team mixed with yellow-red-blue shades - fans of the Colombian team spent time on the Konyushennaya Square, waiting for the match, which ended the drawing of the 1/8 finals of the World Cup. They were accompanied by the Petersburgers who, being happy from the first sunny and almost windless day, smiled and photographed with equally joyful Swedes.

- It seems to me that at this stage all the matches are interesting. Some are more interesting, some are not, but surprises can be expected from anyone. Who would have thought that at this stage Argentina, Portugal and Spain would fly home? I won’t be surprised, if today the Swiss win, why not? Although I'm for Sweden - this is my second motherland, my brother lives there, - says Sergey, standing in line at the entrance to the Festival.

However, the Swiss did not support the trend of the current tournament - Sweden won. The fans of Switzerland after the match at the stadium "St. Petersburg" went to the Konyushennaya Square. As Karina admitted, there is no better way to survive the failure: there are joyful faces around and you can calmly, without being nervous looking at the game of other teams. Karina moved to Switzerland together with her spouse from Kazakhstan in the mid-90's. She considers this country her own, but sometimes misses St. Petersburg.

- My grandmother lived here, in a big communal apartment on Telezhnaya Street. And when I found out that the World Cup matches would take place in St. Petersburg, I begged my husband to let me go to Russia. He could not go unfortunately, although he is a bigger fan than I am, - says Karina.

At this time, in the center of the Konyushennaya Square, a group of young people plays football. One of the players obviously has coaching tendencies. "On your leg, on your knee, then pass," - he explains to the partners the rules of the game.

Slightly aside, the Uruguayans are taking pictures with their flag with the sun in the corner. People with a huge inflatable, and - which is characteristic - a yellow kangaroo pass by. It looks like the yellow color today is in the trend.

For the match Columbia - England, the Konyushennaya Square is filled up again to a full house, and the fans are wearing the T-shirts of the Colombian national team. They amicably sing the national anthem and then passionately cheer for their team.

- I'm for England. Since my childhood I love their championship, I support FC “Manchester United”, I dream about watching the game at the stadium some day, - says Mikhail.

Meanwhile, the game rolls to overtime and a series of penalties again - also a kind of trend of the current World Cup. As a result, the yellow-blue mood of the day is diluted in red - these will be the colours of the stands in the quarterfinal match between Sweden and England.