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The final match of the project "Football in four elements" - under the sky of St. Petersburg

On July 12, the final match of the project "Football in Four Elements" was held on the roof of the Creative Cluster "Artmuza" (13th Line of the VO, 70-72), which was conceived by the Russian Unites Football Club of fans to show the diversity of football, which can be played on the ground, in the air, on the water and even underground. This duel was devoted to the element "Air"


For the Russia Unites team played the president and members of the club: Eduard Latypov, Alexei Igonin and Ivan Ryndin, the executive director of the communication agency - the official operator for organizing the FIFA Fan Festival™ on the Konushennaya Square Dmitry Liuty, the representative of the ferry company Alexei Shopyrev, and the popular sports commentator Georgy Cherdantsev, who had come to St. Petersburg for the presentation of his book "History of the World Championships."

The “Vozdukh” team included the editors of the St. Petersburg media - Kirill Smirnov (“Peterburgsky Dnevnil”), Ivan Zhidkov (“Sport. Den’ za Dnem”), Vladimir Dementyev (“Piter-TV”), Alexei Andrianov ( and commercial director of creative cluster "Artmuza" Alexander Nefediev.

Opening the event, Georgy Cherdantsev stressed the importance of such initiatives of the club Russia Unites, as the organization of fan tournaments and fan zones, and supported the unique project "Football in Four Elements", expressing the hope that it will continue.

The president of the club of fans Russia Unites, Eduard Latypov, in his turn, acknowledged that one of the next matches should be devoted to the element of "Fire", and called on all fans of the national team to join the club on to be able to play for the national team in the new project: "Football in four capitals".

The game itself turned out very incendiary. If at first the players were afraid that the ball would fly off the fence of the roof of the art space, and tried not to inflict heavy strikes, then in the second half they broke up, and two goals were passed to passers-by... Already to the break, the Russia Unites team achieved the superiority in the score - 4: 2 , which can partly be attributed to the "short bench" of the "Vozdukh" team.

In the break of the match representatives of the Nigerian youth team, which is visiting in St. Petersburg, came on the site, and held a kind of master-class game... barefoot.

The second half did not change the balance of power and Russia Unites won (8: 5). Thus, the total score of the series of four matches is 25:26, in favor of ... "Elements".

Photo by Vasily Korotaev