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"All stereotypes are nonsense"

The Konyushennaya Square from the air, perhaps, resembles the chameleon lying at the confluence of the Griboedov Canal and Moika River: the area is every day colored in the colors of many flags, changing the color depending on the tournament schedule. However, the interspersing of yellow Brazilian T-shirts are always visible. So today, we met the Brazilian Raphael in the Square

- I started preparing for the trip a year ago, as soon as I decided to go to the FIFA World Cup™, - says the Brazilian. - I was waiting for this event with impatience. I had no fears at the expense of Russia: I read a lot of reviews of respected travelers on the Internet and carefully prepared. Russia met wonderfully; the people here are very hospitable. You love parties, are open to communication. And all the stereotypes about Russian people like those that you are stern and cold people are nonsense. By the way, personally, I expected more serious and hostile policemen on the streets, but they did not live up to such expectations: rather polite and obliging people. And it seems to me that the Russians and Brazilians are very similar in character. Probably, this is one of the reasons, why we can easily find a common language. My cousin and I met two Russian guys here at the FIFA Fan Festival™ (points to two young people at a table who are discussing something with his cousin). They taught him to speak to Russian girls "You are beautiful!" That is because he does not speak English (laughs).

- And what do the Russian girls say?

- Basically, they laugh or joke in response, but I was amazed that Russian people knew phrases in Portuguese! They know, for example, "obrigado" (thanks – ed.), and it's very nice and funny.

- When your team was eliminated from the FIFA World Cup™, were you very upset?

- Yes, it became an unpleasant surprise for us, but we in any case come to the World Cup. When I found out that Brazil had lost, I laid out three T-shirts with the symbols of the country and yellow-green comic glasses, in which I was going to visit the stadium. So much I was upset. I left only one shirt. Upon arrival here, I regretted my decision, because Russian people very often ask for a joint photo with us, as if we are some kind of celebrity! I would not be in the shirt of the Brazilian national team - I would not be attracting their attention (laughs).

- At the f FIFA Fan Festival™, your yellow T-shirts are widely known!

- Yes, there are a lot of Brazilians here, I even met friends in the city! We just saw each other's photos in social networks with the geotag of St. Petersburg and agreed to meet here.

- Do you like the atmosphere in the city?

- Yes! And it is very familiar to me, in Fortaleza, too, matches took place during the last FIFA World Cup™. However, we must remember that the city during the matches and at the usual time are two different cities. I am sure that the situation in St. Petersburg is similar. I would like to see this city without football decorations, I will definitely return for this!