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"Time is an issue, you have to catch everything"

It is difficult to follow a cultural program and view all matches when the FIFA World Cup™ is in progress, but the guests of the festival on the Konyushennaya Square are able to do it


Kane came from London in the morning, and managed to get to the Palace Square, the Museum of Faberge, and at the site of FIFA Fan Festival™. The Englishman told us about how he sees Russia.

- The atmosphere impresses me very much,- says Kane. - I have not seen this for a long time - all people are happy, they smile. I was at the stadium when your team won - it was incredible. Everyone was exulting, shouting, hugging each other. You walked until morning, but then it was Sunday, everyone had to work on Monday!

- So your FIFA World Cup™ started in Moscow?

- Yes, I flew from London to Moscow, and from there I came here. Just accommodated at the hotel, and immediately went for a walk, despite the weather. Time is an issue, you have to catch everything! In Moscow, I noticed, everyone is like me and always in a hurry. Moscow seemed more businesslike to me. It seems that all people in Moscow are engaged in some kind of business. Petersburg is more sincere.

- Have you been at the FIFA Fan Festival™ there?

- There - no. And here I came, it is very conveniently located. I want to note that everything is clear and understandable, even if you do not know Russian. In addition, you feel yourself in complete safety, security are everywhere. I chose the right place to spend a day off! If I do not get tickets for the semifinals, then I'll watch the game here.

- If suddenly England does not go further, who will you be cheering for?

- For Belgium, I think. This championship is so unpredictable, everything can happen. Think only about your victory over Spain - incredible!