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Seeing the whole St. Petersburg at the Konyushennaya Square

They say that it takes about five years to inspect the Hermitage, if each exhibit is not detained for more than a minute. Guests of St. Petersburg sometimes do not have even five days. You need to enjoy football, for which you’ve come, and enjoy at least the main attractions of the city. How can one do all that?

At the FIFA Fan Festival™ it is possible. In the pavilion of the host city of the World Cup, which is located to the right of the main stage, an exhibition and VR excursions are organized. Here you can see not only the whole Petersburg, but also get acquainted with its rich history.

No, you will not be given long historical facts - you will see the history of the Northern Capital through the fates of famous St. Petersburgers, who have made the city famous in various spheres. Prominent statesmen and rock musicians, artists and scientists, writers and opera singers - Petersburg played an important role in their lives, and they, in turn, multiplied the glory of the city on the Neva. It is St. Petersburg that links the thae artists like Nikolai Roerich and Kazimir Malevich, musicians like Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Victor Tsoi, writers like Fedor Dostoevsky and Sergei Dovlatov, not at all similar to each other.

But there is also an "unofficial" history of the city, connected with its legends and symbols. One can find out only after a long time spent in the city, that St. Petersburg simply adore smelt; that they try to sunbathe at the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress in any sunny day not only in summer but also in winter, that donuts are called “pyshki”. The other way to know all that and even more is to attend the exhibition at the FIFA Fan Festival™.

Its concept was developed by the Institute of Petersburg, which has been studying the phenomenon of St. Petersburg for a quarter of a century. Specialists of the Institute tried to visualize the city, covering at the same time almost all spheres of its multi-faceted life both in the past and in the present.

Here at the exhibition, you can walk on a virtual tour of the halls of the Hermitage using VR-glasses. All that is free of charge and without restrictions - you can visit the pavilion of the city-organizer any day from 11.00, when the Festival of fans starts, before the start of the first football broadcast, as well as in breaks between matches. Password for the security service: "I'm going to the exhibition!"