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Three Argentine words

After the group stage of the tournament had eliminated several strong teams, the fans of these teams remained in Russia. Some went on a trip around our homeland in order to expand their understanding of the country. Argentinian Julian, for example, chose the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg as the starting and ending point of his visit


- I did not have any fears about this trip. I initially knew that everything would be fine. My preparation included, first of all, planning. How will I get to the destination, where will I live, where should I go? Yet, by the way, I studied the history of your country. Not all, of course, because it is huge. Not every country can boast such a rich history. You have something to be proud of.

- So, you have not encountered any problems, have you?

- Fortunately, no. Even with the documents, everything went smoothly, and with the FAN-ID is was much easier to process.

- What immediately caught your eye here?

- People! I could not believe that they would be so kind to the Argentine fans. All incredibly polite, always ready to help. Now I understand that Russia is a very cultured country, there are incredible people here.

- Where did you go first?

- I was walking in the center, because there is unreal beauty here. The streets, small parks, monuments. Before I came, I had heard about your metro, that literally at every metro station you almost have a museum. It's true. I have singled out the research of your subway system as a separate item of the program. Nowhere, I think, there is such beauty!

- And how did you learn about the FIFA Fan Festival™?

- I saw a lot of signposts around the city, and even at one of the metro stations they even announced a station like that. I'm glad I’ve got here. I think that this event is even more cultural than sporting. Despite the fact that they come here to cheer for their teams, the main goal, obviously, is to unite people. So different, from all corners of the world, they gather in one place, and although many are cheering for different teams, no one is at enmity. All the opposite: they get acquainted, take pictures. You know, if I were asked to name three words characterizing the trip to Russia, I would say so: people, kindness and friendliness.

- Probably, for such a set there should have been something unusual happening.

- Yes, this FIFA World Cup™ is an adventure! For example, I lost my wallet! I immediately turned to the volunteers who were close by. The guys helped me, went with me to the police, filled out the necessary papers with me. I understand that here I am safe, and if something happens, I can always ask for help.

- Let's go back to football. Who became your favorite in this tournament?

- I'm an Argentinian. Messi, of course. He has always been and will be a legend, no matter how he plays. Sometimes the luck is on the side of the football player, and the other time - no.

- Have you tried Russian cuisine?

- I now cannot live without pancakes! And Russian friends treated me with oliviye and sandwiches with salmon. Incredibly delicious. How will I be without this at home?