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"Watching football at home on the couch is not good at all!"

Every day a special guest appears at the FIFA Fan Festival™. Boris Novoselov is a fan with 55 years of experience. The day when he first went to the stadium himself, he remembers as well as the date of birth


- It was May 2, 1963. I ran away from home and went to the stadium on my own. I was 10 years old then. However, I became a fan much earlier; my dad took me with him to football! - says Boris.

Since then, he tried not to miss a single home game of FC "Zenit". The love for this team Boris carried through his whole life, and visited the away matches. For some time he was an active member of the St. Petersburg fan organization "Nevsky Front" and went to the famous 13th sector of the "Petrovsky" stadium, that had been the home arena of "Zenit".

- I have 48 travels. I’ve been to Moscow, Kazan, Voronezh, Volgograd... By the way, at the match in Volgograd in 2001 there was the debut of Alexander Kerzhakov for “Zenit”. We were there with my son - I also infected him with football passion. I traveled to away matches until 2006, and then health problems started and it became difficult to go to other cities. Nevertheless, I continue to go to the stadium. I'm always at all matches of "Zenith". I visited two games of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup™, watched the control matches of the Russian team, - says Novoselov. - And this year at the World Championship went only to one game - Iran against Morocco. I couldn’t buy more tickets. However, I do not lose hope, every day I go to the ticket center; I am in the waiting list.

When Boris learned about the FIFA Fan Festival™, he decided to take a chance and visit it at least once. He was afraid that it might be uncomfortable for him here, as he is a man of low mobility, for whom it is difficult not only to stand, but to sit for a long time. Nevertheless, the impression of attending the Festival at the Konyushennaya Square dispelled his doubts.

- It's good that here there is a special box for such people as I, and that it's possible to watch the game on a big screen in quite comfortable conditions. But most importantly, there is an effect of presence at the stadium here. For me it's important to be in the team – watching football is better then. His wife, of course, is angry and says that he can watch the game at home on TV. But watching football at home on the couch is not good at all! - Novosyolov is sure.

According to the fan-veteran, the atmosphere of the World Cup is fully felt in the Konyushennaya Square.

"Look at the people here!" The Brazilians, the Iranians, the Costa Ricans, the Serbs! I have seen the Australians with kangaroos. They all smile, dance, sing, are cheer very emotionally - this creates a festive atmosphere. Everything is great here! For me, being in such a health condition, watching football and be surrounded by people in general is priceless.


As Boris Novoselov admits, he has a complex relationship with the Russian team. He does not like very much that the naturalized Brazilian plays in in it. Though he still supports the national team and believes that itwill beat Egypt and leave the group.

- I am happy with the victory over Saudi Arabia. This gives a surge of interest in the tournament, which takes place in my homeland. If they lost, the mood would be worse. And now, even here at the Fan Festival, there is a general joyfulness. Let us be in this good mood every day throughout these five weeks. It will be great! - smiles Novosyolov.

The question is why people like football so much puts the fan with a 55-year long experience in a dead end.

- You know, I never thought about it. I was always worried about simple questions - where to buy a ticket for the match, how to catch the game, now I'm thinking about whether I will be able to purchase an abonnement for the season at an acceptable price for me – as I am a pensioner. Why do I love football? ... I do not know. Probably, you must be born with this love!