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The national team of Tunisia became the leader

At the unofficial World Supporting Championship, which undoubtedly became the FIFA Fan Festival™ on the Konyushennaya Square, another participant came into the fight, as it turned out, a favorite. If earlier fierce Iranians and fantastic Brazilians fought for leadership, on Monday they were seriously contested by fans of the Tunisian team, watching their team play with England

Stripped of the unusual heat for the Northern Capital, Petersburg decided to take a shower by the evening and the rain began to fall from the sky. But it did not seem to reach the ground where fans from Tunisia were hotly supporting their team.

And although there were a lot of fans of English football at the Festival, they could not be heard by the middle of the first half. If suddenly someone was distracted from the screen and heard the cries of joy, he could confidently say whether it was either the English broke through the gate, or the players of Tunisia launched an attack on the gates of the ancestors of football. Their grief after the missed goal from Tunisia was so sincere that they wanted their team to equalize. Apparently, the thoughts are still material - and it happened.

- In general, I came to cheer for the British, but the emotions of Tunisians are so contagious that you involuntarily sympathize with them. It's a pity, it's impossible to make both teams win, - lamented Alexei, who came to the Festival with his 11-year-old son Sergei. Sergei is not very enthusiastic about football, he likes winter sports more - biathlon, cross-country skiing.

- I will sooner or later make him a football fan, - says Alexei.

Most of the guests of the Festival were sure that England would win and they were not mistaken. After the final whistle, the fans of the Tunisian national team gathered in a circle, held it for a few seconds, with their heads down, and then smiles reappeared on their faces. The holiday of football continues, despite the score and the weather.