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"It's our turn to share cool stories about Russia!"

Jamil and Julien came from Paris, and preferred to visit the FIFA Fan Festival™ instead of the Hermitage. The guys told us about their preparation for the trip, the first impression of the city, and about many other things


- We love football very much, and we used to play, - Jamil began. - In childhood! By the way, I played very well, and the coach liked my game. Now I don’t, I prefer to watch on the screen, - the Frenchman laughs.

- “I don’t”, haha. You just got weight, - Julien teases.

- Is this your first trip to Russia?

- Yes, it is. However, many of our friends were here, and, incidentally, they told excellent things about the country. Now it's our turn to share cool stories about Russia with them.

- And why St. Petersburg?

- Firstly, because here today our team plays with Belgium. Secondly, it was important for us that the city was comfortable, beautiful and safe. Petersburg combines all this in itself.

- How did you prepare for the trip?

- I asked my wife a permission to go, - Julien said at once.

- And I just packed my things and left, - smiles Jamil.

- Were there any stereotypes about Russia before arrival?

- Well yes. I think I will not surprise you - vodka. However, everyone understands that these are only stupid prejudices. Oh, and another one - that you cannot talk about Vladimir...

- Nothing terrible will happen. What was the first impression?

- A beautiful city with beautiful monuments. All the buildings are very beautiful. Something similar to Paris, but you know... It's still not the same. Your streets are much wider and more spacious. People are friendly, more open. We just arrived, tomorrow we leave, and there is not much time. I would like to go to many places, but there is no time. We decided that we would dedicate our only day to the Festival.

- And how did you find out about it?

- We studied the information on the net, looked at your photos and understood - it is necessary to visit! And we do not regret! Here it is an incredible atmosphere and many foreign fans. Same as we are.

- Do you have plans after the Festival?

- We have very little time before leaving for Moscow. Nevertheless, there is something that we will definitely do: we'll go to a couple of cafes or restaurants with your national cuisine. Well, we really want to do it. So after the match we are heading to the nearest restaurant!

- Is there anything that struck you here?

- We went by bus, and you have a completely different payment system. You come in, the girl approaches you, and you pay. We have different system. Yours is much more comfortable, and it amazed us very much. I would like it to be so in France, but it's impossible. We really like it here! We even already planned our next visit! It is to St. Petersburg we will go on our next vacation. We’ll take wives and children, as I’m sure, they will all like it here. In the meantime, we’ll take home a typical set of tourists’ souvenirs: Matryoshkas, vodka… What else do they take? Yes, coins also.