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"St. Petersburg looks fabulous"

"We will definitely come to Russia again": this phrase ends every history of foreigners about the FIFA World Cup™. Those who came not for the first time also want to return


There are many reasons to visit Russia, and one of them, of course, is the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg. There are many reasons for which you should spend on the Konyushennaya Square all day! For example, Jeroen and Matias came from Bruges to watch the game of their national team.

- We flew by plane from Brussels to Vienna, and then to St. Petersburg. Three insanely beautiful cities, and although St. Petersburg is not officially the capital, it looks fabulous. We are very pleased that our acquaintance with Russia started from your city.

- Our city is the Northern Capital! What did it startle you with?

- A lot of large buildings... and besides, insanely beautiful! Each building is as a separate work of art. You do not even need to go to the museum to feel that you "touched the beauty", it's enough to walk along the old streets.

- But the museums of St. Petersburg are definitely worth visiting. Are you going to do this?

- This trip is purely football for us, we arrived yesterday, and we leave tomorrow. Unfortunately. And no matter how we wanted to visit the Hermitage and the Faberge Museum, which is written in each guidebook, there will be enough time only for the FIFA Fan Festival™ and for the St. Petersburg stadium.

- You are real football fans!

- Yes, we really love football and are happy to be a part of such a large-scale event! Today the national team of Belgium will play; I really want to see a beautiful game, and the stadium! It was very interesting to watch the game of the Russian team; they really made the impossible come true. You had quite a strong opponent. And, to be completely honest, in the course of the match with Croatia your team had a better chance of winning.

- What results do you expect from your team?

- Victory. Only victory, of course. Belgium today will compete for a place in the finals, we believe in the team and our favorite  Romel Lukaku. He is a genius!

- And what about the Russian people, did they greet you warmly?

- We did not have time to communicate with a large number of Russians, but we will improve the situation today in the course of the day here, at the FIFA Fan Festival™. In general, the hosts of the tournament are very polite and kind, many want to take a photo with us! Especially today, when we are dressed in the colors of the national flag. Before coming to Russia, we knew little - only that Russians like to drink vodka (laughs). Today, after football, we will check it out in the nearest bar!

- And what did you do in the first evening in the city?

- We just walked. And were very surprised that on the eve of the match we met no more than five Belgians! We thought there would be much more. However, here, on the Konyushennaya Square, we saw enough of our compatriots, and today the Belgian flag is everywhere. We think that this is a good sign and our team will be lucky!

The dialogue with the Belgian fans ended when an elderly Russian woman approached them, wishing to take a photo with the guests of the city for a memory: people of all ages and countries want to keep memories of the FIFA World Cup™ and the atmosphere of friendship that fills the streets of Russia these days. And no one refuses anyone.