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Let’s give it large in St. P style!

The famous Billy's Band headed by Billy Novik will start playing at the Konushennaya Square one hour before the kick-off of the Russia-Egypt game


It is difficult to imagine music that fits St. Petersburg more than the one played by the band under the leadership of Billy Novik. Deep and piercing life observations about uneasy human relations, exalted experiences about everyday life, and touching stories of a gray everyday life are told by a good ole boy. His easily recognizable voice with a firm hoarse is familiar to everyone who loves eternal romance, and who looks into the gloomy sky over the banks of Neva, dreaming of something beautiful.

Undoubtedly, the Billy's Band could appear only in St. Petersburg and immediately become its avatar, a true symbol of the cultural capital, such as the White Nights and the leaf bridges.

It is quite logical that the Billy's Band becomes the headliner attracting the maximum attention of the public of the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg to one of the most important days of 2018 FIFA World Cup™ - June 19, when the eyes of the whole country are riveted to our city.