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Do not get on the bus if not sure about the carrier!

St. Petersburg "Organizer of Transportation" asks St. Petersburgers and the guests of the Northern Capital not to use the services of illegal carriers, so as not to expose themselves to danger on the roads of the city and the region

To travel around the city comfortably and safe, transport checks are carried out in St. Petersburg regularly. " Organizer of Transportations" thus asks citizens and visitors to pay attention to the routs which they are going to use. Illegal carriers may be among the companies, serving these routes.

Thus, during one of the raids the Interdepartmental Transport Commission of St. Petersburg detained 5 illegal minibuses. All of them worked at the metro station "Ulitsa Dybenko", from where buses go to Kudrovo, Kirovsk, and Shlisselburg.

“It is not safe to use the services of unofficial carriers. There is no guarantee that this transport is being inspected and does not require repair. There is also no certainty that drivers of illegal carriers are healthy and adequate, while all drivers of official carriers undergo medical check-up daily before the shift begins. Finally, there is no information on the conclusion of agreements on the insurance of transportation of passengers by illegal carriers, so a passenger who has been in an accident can not count on possible compensation for it”, - “Organizer of Transportation” warned.

Distinguishing official urban transport from illegal is not difficult. If instead of a sign with a route with its number, as well as the starting and ending point of the route, you see the inscription "Заказной" (“Charter bus”) - it means that the route is "illegal". In addition, unofficial carriers do not accept the "Podorozhnik" card for payment. In this case, it is better to refuse a trip.

"Organizer of Transportation" hopes that St. Petersburg will help in the fight against illegal carriers. If passengers doubt the legality of any transport working on route, they can report their suspicions by calling 576-55-55.

You can find some useful tips in the following video: