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Watching football together, recycling - separately

The FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Fan Festival in St. Petersburg should not only be a spectacular event, but also environmentally friendly

That was  what the organizers decided and installed 164 special bins for separate collection of garbage. These bright containers can be found on the main routes of the fans' movement to the stadium where the tournament matches will take place, and on the Konushennaya Square.

The bins are located all the way to the stadium "St. Petersburg": near the metro station "Novokrestovskaya", Severnaya Road and Yuzhnaya Road, Ryukhin Street, the Football Square and so on, - the press service of the city committee on improvement informs.

Separation of trash is one of the recommendations of the FIFA organizing committee to the city. One container is used for plastic bottles and glasses, packaging film, aluminum cans, glass and uncontaminated paper. The contents of this container will be sent to the recycling plants. Garbage that can not be recycled will be sent to the plant for mechanized processing of waste, where it will be disposed in biodrums.

Containers are marked with special symbols and inscriptions. In addition, special eco-boxes for collecting batteries are installed in the territory of Primorsky Victory Park.