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"We are fans-introverts"

A bright St. Petersburg music team - Billy's Band - played a concert before the match of the Russian national team on Tuesday at the FIFA Fan Festival™. The friendly group did not leave immediately after the starting whistle of the broadcast of the football match, but watched it along with the filled area of the Konyushennaya Square. Further on, the guys have been in the cheering crowd not once

Is this the most unusual place where you have had to give a concert?
Billy Novik: In general, it seems to me that for us this place is the most common. This is the center of St. Petersburg, our homeland. The heart, so it's just super cool here.

You have seen many types of audience in your concerts. On Tuesday, the fans gathered, and you performed as if on a warm-up for the Russian national team.
Billy Novik: It's a great honor for us to perform before the national team match, really. That's cool.
Mikhail Zhidkikh: We all cheer for it.
Andrey Reznikov: This is a real holiday, in fact.
Billy Novik: We have accreditation until the 23rd, so we'll come again to watch football and cheer.

The program today was different from your usual performances.
Billy Novik: Yes, it's true. We wanted to make Billy's Band with a football bias. With a football St. Petersburg-Russian bias, to be in the context of the event.

Do you manage to watch the games?
Mikhail Zhidkikh: Yes, I watch almost all the matches. If the time is ok, then we watch every game.
Billy Novik: In the end, you can see not on the air, but in the record. So we can say that we always watch the games.

Doesn’t your family expel you from home? The amount of matches is something big, it's easier to get settled somewhere at the Fan Festival.
Mikhail Zhidkikh: No, no, on the contrary, they say – “Watch that at home!”
Andrey Reznikov: The members of the family leave when we watch the games. Just kidding.

Except for the Russian national team, are you in for someone?
Mikhail Zhidkikh: Since the 1982, I have been supporting the national team of Argentina. It's too early to give predictions, let's see how the next games will be.
Billy Novik: I'm supporting Iceland. Two years ago, I liked them and the feelings haven’t changed. At the European Championship they created a crazy atmosphere.

Is there something unusual in the atmosphere of St. Petersburg during the World Cup?
Billy Novik: Yes, that's a huge scale ... an international-scale of the city holiday. A world holiday in the city.

Is there something in common between sports and music? “Festival” is a musical word, “fan” is a sports word. The FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg is very popular.
Billy Novik: The fact is that music in the last century has moved to stadiums. I do not know if this is fortunate, but the fact is a fact - the border begins to dissolve. Groups - starting with the Beatles - perform at the stadiums. The energy is almost the same. I do not know if it's good or bad. This is the place to be - and so let it be. We've been to the “St. Petersburg” stadium at the games of FC “Zenit”, and it's very powerful.

What kind of fans are you?
Billy Novik: We are fans-introverts - the whole storm is inside us.
Mikhail Zhidkikh: We do not go to crowded places (smiles). We will support our team regardless of the outcome. And we advise others do the same.
Billy Novik:, I would like to recommend everyone to send the energy that is born during matches and sharp moments, to the constructive channel. For example, go and plant the park with fresh trees after the match (laughs).