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Matches start with rain

At the FIFA Fan Festival™ you begin to believe that the idea is material, and the support of fans overcomes distances faster than the speed of light. It seems that it was for those representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun that they were soaking under the pouring rain in Petersburg, that the national team of Japan scored their goals

… At the main stage, concentrated and almost with no emotions, the Japanese observe what is happening on the screen. It seems that they do not notice the shower at all. They are waiting for their team to do the impossible. And the team of Japan, as if caught their thoughts in the distance, scores...

However, the game day of Monday at the Fan Festival traditionally began with a full house, despite the drizzling, and then pouring rain. In the middle of the first half, at the entrance to the Bolshaya Konyushennaya there was even a queue. A young man and a girl in wet national flags thrown over their shoulders were there.

- We were sitting in a bar nearby, but it's boring! - tells the story of his acquaintance with the Brazilians Maxim. - I offered to go to the Konyushennaya Square and watch the game there. As long as we got there – we soaked. I did not think there were so many people in this rain! Of course, I will support Brazil. I like Neimar, he's cool!

It was impossible to understand, who among the audience at the screens was also cheering for Brazil, and who wanted Mexico to move further in the tournament grid, - all the fans were in jackets, raincoats and sheltered under umbrellas. Fans' preferences appeared only in moments of strikes on goal and, of course, when the ball flew into the goal. It seemed that the Brazilians have a supportive group. Maybe because only the Brazilians scored the goals in this match.

The match Belgium - Japan developed dramatically, presenting Japanese fans with incredible emotions and hope, along with two goals scored, and then showering three return balls in the performance of the Belgians. The latter flew into the net a few seconds before the end of the additional time, when it seemed that we were again waiting for overtime. The Japanese are leaving the tournament, and their fans – the Konyushennaya Square with samurais’ faces ready for all, and the Belgians go to the quarterfinals.

- To be honest, we came here accidentally. We walked by and decided to see how it was here, where are the best places. We want to watch the match of the Russian national team in the quarterfinals at the fan zone. When do you need to come to get here for sure? In an hour and a half? Did you hear? - Anatoly turns to his companion. - We will definitely come! Even if it's rain again. I think we will not regret!