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FIFA Fan Festival™ became a millionaire

Today, the number of fans who have visited the FIFA Fan Festival™ since the beginning of the World Cup has exceeded one million. The jubilee guest was the Brazilian Thiago Siqueira

The organizers of the Festival entrusted the automated system of counting the number of visitors to determine the lucky winner, in honor of whom the solemn ceremony was arranged. Every day since June 14, when the Festival hosted the first guests, it recorded all those who passed through the checkpoints (there are three of them: from the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the Mars Field, and Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street). 

On July 6, the Konyushennaya Square waited for the million and the million first guest. Thiago Siqueira from Brazil and a young fan Ayaz from Kazan were greeted solemnly and escorted by drummers on stage, where they were awarded congratulatory certificates, distinctive ribbons and memorable gifts.

It turned out that Ayaz had a birthday today: he was six years old. He loves football, but does not play - the boy is more interested in drawing. His mother believes that in future he will become either an architect or an artist.

- Honestly, when they said that Ayaz was the first million visitor to the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg, I decided that it was some kind of rally! – His mother confessed. - And then I thought it was a miracle!"

Thiago came to St. Petersburg on Saturday. He bought tickets for the semifinal of the World Cup, which will be held at the stadium "St. Petersburg".

- Yes, I paid a lot for the ticket to Russia, but here I got a lot more! I like Petersburg, I like people - they are very hospitable, I'm happy to be here! - The Brazilian admitted.

It's not the first time Thiago is on the Konyushenaya Square. Today he came for the fourth time and said that what is happening here is something extraordinary. Four years ago, the FIFA World Cup™ was held in Brazil, where fan zones were also organized, so our guest has something to compare with.

- Of course, in Brazil there was more sun and the weather was better! - Laughs Thiago. - But here's what I noticed - in Russia you are very worried about your team, but you cheer for all the teams. It's amazing and nice!

On behalf of the city-organizer, the vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Vladimir Kirillov, addressed the fans with a welcoming speech. He wished all the teams good luck at the FIFA World Cup™, and then added:

- But we will cheer for our team, for Russia!

In the end, the anniversary visitors of the FIFA Fan Festival™ left their autographs on a soccer ball. The governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko signed the first on this peculiar "book of reviews", opening the Festival. Since then, all honorable guests have left signatures on the ball.