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Konstantin Zyryanov compared the Russian national team with Duperron

On the eve of the start of the World Cup on the map of St. Petersburg, another landmark place connected with football appeared. On the day of the city at the house number 21 on the Dobrolyubova prospect a commemorative plaque to Georgii Duperron was solemnly opened.

He was the organizer of the first game of the first two Russian clubs, which was held in St. Petersburg in 1897, having made the city on the Neva the homeland of Russian football.

The first football league was also born In the “northern capital” - it was created in 1901 at the initiative of Duperron. The St. Petersburg Football League included 14 members and 4 candidates; after that the regular competitions for the championship of St. Petersburg started. Matches were held in two circles, on home field and away.

In 1909, Georgii Duperron actively participated in the creation of the Russian Football Union, in which he worked as a secretary. He also actively participated in the Olympic movement, and after the creation in 1911 of the Russian Olympic Committee became its secretary.

It were these milestones of the rich biography of the St. Petersburg founder of our football, who for a long time had been the representative of Russia in FIFA, was remembered by the participants solemnly opening the commemorative plaque - the head of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport Pavel Belov, the president of the St. Petersburg Football Federation Anatoly Turchak, the head of the Culture Committee Konstantin Sukhenko , the head of the Petrogradsky district of the city Ivan Gromov. At the same time participants thanked the historian and biographer of Duperron Yuri Lukosyak, who for many years sought to perpetuate the memory of the famous St. Petersburger and, finally, found support in FC “Zenit” and the Football Federation of the city.

A Duperron commemorate plate opeining

“My dream has come true – there is a memorable sign on the house where Dyuperon lived and worked”, Yuri Lukosyak told. "I've been studying George Duperron's biography for more than 30 years and I know that after serving in the Public Library, he came to this house and late into the night he answered the letters from people interested in football from all over Russia. In fact, Georgii Alexandrovich for many years had been the popularizer of the game, in which he himself was in love.”

The ex-football player of the Russian national team, who won the bronze medals of the European Championship-2008, and now the coach of FC “Zenit-2”, Konstantin Zyryanov, spoke about the main legacy of Duperon.

“Georgii Duperron was devoted to football and tried to instill love for this sport to thousands of residents of our city and our country. Now our players are facing the same tasks. Duperron lit a passion for football in people. I hope that our team at the home World Championship will continue this tradition”, Zyryanov said.

Of course, in the lobbies there are some discussions about whether Konstantin is going to follow the games of the upcoming tournament. The question caused astonishment in the ex-football player and coach.

“Of course! I do not know if I can get to the stadium. I wanted to show Messi to the children - the national team of Argentina will play in St. Petersburg. But for now, I have no tickets, - Zyryanov complained.

Pics: Saint Petersburg Football Federation