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“Podorozhnik” travel cards with the brand mark of the FIFA World Cup™ will be sold from June 15

Today, on the day of the first match of the 2018 FIFA 2018 World Cup in St. Petersburg, the sales of the "Podorozhnik" travel card, timed to the football tournament


In total, two types of "Podorozhnik" in different designs were issued for the World Championship - each type counts 40,000 cards. The electronic travel cards will be sold in the days of matches at the stadium "St. Petersburg": June 15, 19, 22, June 26, July 3, 10 and 14.

Residents of St. Petersburg, as well as fans, who came from other cities and countries, will be able to purchase branded travel cards "Podorozhnik" in the ticket offices of metro stations, as well as in the offices and points of sale of SPb GKU "Organizer of transportation". The list of points of sales can be found on the website: .

Functionality of the new travel cards "Podorozhnik" is the same as that of a regular card - it can record various types of travel tickets for long-term use. It can be also used as an electronic ticket granting the right to travel within a fixed amount.