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"I'm looking at the Championship and I understand that you have coped with your tasks"

Imagine that you have a birthday. Where would you go: to the bar, to the park, or maybe to the bowling alley? Jefferson and his company chose for celebration the most interesting place in St. Petersburg this month - the FIFA Fan Festival™ on the Konyushennaya Square. And he did not regret about it

– I'm from Belo Horizonte, and Bruno is from São Paulo, but now we live in Germany, - says the birthday guy (depicted on the right, ed.). Why did we decide to come? We are big fans of football. We are the Brazilians - the love for this game is in our blood. We bought tickets here when we thought that Brazil would play in the semifinals. Our team lost, but we do not regret that we had arrived. Why should I be sad, if it's my birthday today! And so, we have been here since lunch!

– How did you prepare for the trip?
– In Berlin, I checked the weather forecast and leaned the phrases that we were advised to learn on the net. For example, "thank you", "hello", "I want vodka".

– Interesting choice! Was it in the phrase book or on the forum somewhere?
– I do not remember (laughs). However, it would be better to learn something related to the movements. We were at the airport and were going to leave for the city: we ordered a taxi, we were waiting. We received an alert that the car arrived, and we could not find it for a long time. We communicated with the help of an online translator; we do that often, as many people do not speak English.

– That is strange, I often heard from foreigners just the opposite.
– Well, we're here not for a long time! Maybe we just were not lucky. I cannot but note that people here are very friendly and nice. St. Petersburg is a big city, but despite this, I feel safe, very comfortable. I look at the tournament as a whole and I understand: you have coped with your tasks.

– Is it easy to orient in the city for foreigners, if they do not know Russian?
– We have not yet encountered any situation in which the online translator or online maps would not help us, although we already had time to walk around the city.

– What struck you most in the city?
– Architecture and atmosphere, everything is incredible. Your streets, they are very long, we do not have anything like that. And your central part of the city is very different from the outskirts. Some districts of St. Petersburg remind me of the districts of Berlin, but still the architecture is inferior to yours. By the way, I heard that in your capitals two very similar churches were built: this one (the Cathedral of the Savior on Blood) and the one on Red Square (St. Basil's Cathedral). However, for some reason all friends tell us that this one is more beautiful. In 5 days we leave for Moscow and we’ll compare it!

– Do you think Moscow differs from St. Petersburg?
– I do not know if it's too much, but it will be different, I suppose. So far, we can only assume that everything will be more expensive in Moscow. Yet, Moscow is more international. In any case, we will check all this. We have many plans, many places where we want to go. To the ballet, for example.

– Wow, will you visit the FIFA Fan Fest™ in Moscow?
– Of course! I hope that there is at least a tenth of as cool as here. In general, the last FIFA World Cup™ was in Brazil, and we also had the FIFA Fan Festival™ there. I can say that yours is not inferior to anything! All is well organized, very safe, and the prices are not so high. And, although we are not in the arena, but the atmosphere here is not inferior to the stadium, the emotions are overshooting the same way.

– Except for the impressions, what will you take home as souvenirs?
– We have not yet decided on the whole list, but without matryoshkas and a flag, we will not go home.