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The city is ready!: "In St. Petersburg, the demand for amateur football training has increased"

Natalia Alexandrova, the head of the sports center "Football Factory" and a member of the public campaign "The city is ready!" shared with us how to spend football summer in the gym

- The "Football Factory" regularly hosts amateur football teams. Has the interest in football increased on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™?

- Interest in football is always at a high level, but certainly, the 2018 World Cup™ attracts even those who were not interested in football before. In particular, we can note the demand for amateur training and children's holidays in the style of "Football". In addition, it became important to hold summer corporates in the style of a football tournament. Not only is it active and interesting, it also corresponds to modern trends.

- The “Football Factory” participates in the public-communication campaign "The city is ready!" Which events are planned or have already been held at the Factory sites within the framework of this project?

- Within the framework of participation in this project, we organized several events in support of this important event for us!

We conducted four free football-training sessions for fans, where our experienced coach taught the basics of the game, and then the guys themselves tried their hand at a short game. The other day we were invited to the training by fans from Japan; despite the different languages, we understood each other and played football!

In addition, in the near future a men's mini-football tournament will be held.

Фабрика Футбола
Fans from Japan


- Do you think that in St. Petersburg, after preparation for the world championship, there is enough sports infrastructure for the development of professional football?

- There is no limit to perfection! We in turn, in September, open two more football fields on the basis of our sports center, since there is not enough time for everyone, and there is a need for quality indoor football grounds.

- Do you have a lot of fans?

- Of course, we all cheered for our guys and believed in the victory! And for the convenience of our guests, we even printed a large standings, where we quickly record the results, and also make announcements of the upcoming matches. As an entertainment, wemade a set of slogans in support of football and now everyone can take a photo with a suitable tablet, thus join our universal football movement.

We wish victories and excellent memorable games to teams-participants of the remaining matches of the tournament!