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"It's foolish to come to Russia and not to visit St. Petersburg"

FIFA Fan Festival™ has become a center for the unification of fans from all over the world. Where there is competition between teams, there is no anger or enmity between their fans. And if for someone the Konyushennaya Square is the first site of this kind, then Ludmilla from Brazil left it for a dessert


There are no typos in the name: a girl from the capital of Brazil was really given such a "Russian" name. When she was born, her father saw an Olympic gymnast Lyudmila Turishcheva on TV and fell in love with this name so, that he decided to name her daughter in her honor. Though, adding one letter from himself.

- I always wanted to come to Russia, and the FIFA World Cup™ was an excellent occasion to fulfill my dream. Brazilians do not need a visa, so everything was as simple as possible. We initially decided that we would visit several cities, because it is impossible to understand the country by visiting only one city. Long studied this issue, and then decided - we will go to Sochi, Volgograd and Moscow. We simply could not but visited St. Petersburg, as it's your second capital, the largest city. It is foolish to come to Russia and not to visit St. Petersburg.

- How did you prepare for such a long journey?

- No excitement, no fears. I knew where I was going: I watched a lot of videos, read materials about your history. I cannot say that I know everything, but I can tell you about, say, the Romanovs, Catherine the Great or the Bolshoi Theater. And I also learned a few of your words: "thank you", "hello", "goodbye" and "please." But I have a very bad pronunciation, I hardly use them here (smiles).

- Your pronunciation is not bad. All is clear.

- Really? Thanks, it seems, I was not preparing in vain. Though I do not really need that, most local people understand English. All at different levels, but still. When I first arrived, I noticed that most people like to host this Championship. I note that you are generally very cordial. Everywhere. In Sochi, in Volgograd, in Moscow, and here.

- Are there any differences in these cities, or are they all the same for you?

- Weather. In Sochi it was hot, like in Brazil. It's cool here, but bearable. In Moscow, you feel some kind of business-energy, where everything is striving. And St. Petersburg is the opposite, it's a quiet city. I would call it tourist, because here people are incredibly friendly with foreigners. I want to walk more, to rest. In each city, we try to visit as many sights as possible. In Moscow, we saw most of the main churches, and here we have already been in the Hermitage.

- Did you visit FIFA Fan Festival™ in every city?

- Of course! You have everything very well organized, the site is in the heart of the city, and it is very easy to get there. In every city, it was a great place to watch matches. It is especially pleasant that even if there are no matches, you spend time cheerfully. Everything is foreseen: areas where you can relax, and places where you can have fun or a snack. I really like your cuisine, especially beef stroganoff and vodka. It is very different from the Brazilian, much better.

- Would you bring it as a gift?

- I'll take it! Tomorrow is our last day here, and we will go to the market and buy our friends some souvenirs. And, of course, we are going to buy matryoshkas. For everyone to understand immediately, where we came from!