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"Football brings us back to childhood"

Jenia Lubich is called the "Russian Frenchwoman" - not only because she is known for her work in the "Nouvelle Vague" project, rather for her charm and musical style. It may seem, how football is connected with all that? However, Jenia is sure that football is music


- You will perform at the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg. Does anything besides the upcoming concert connect you to football?

- Yes, for example, my song "FOOTBALLka". The connection is verbal, even phonetic. I will definitely sing this song at the Festival.

- Why do you think football is so popular?

- This has been a very popular game from the very beginning. We have been playing it since childhood or we hear about it - since our family and friends are playing... And what happens to us as children grows in us. When we meet this in adulthood, an inner child wakes up in us, the connection with which, in my opinion, cannot and should not be lost. If this connection with the inner child exists, we remain human. Football seems to bring us back to childhood, that's why we like it so much.

- In this case, the most football countries are also the most singing: Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Spain. What's the secret?

- Because football is an art! It's music, and music is the most understandable language for everyone, when you want to express your emotions and feelings. But music is football. This is a kind of a match where goals are scored, just instead of the gate there are the souls of people. Professionalism and technique play an important role here, but also the case, luck. And football is a concert; it's rock'n'roll. In one of my songs, by the way, there are such words: "Rock, rock'n'roll, electric current, it scores a goal." I will definitely sing it for the fans.

- The Fan Festival unites both football and music.

- And this is right, because music and, as practice shows, football bring us closer, revealing us real, alive... I think the meaning of such events is in uniting different people in the flow of creativity, love and peace. This is what is more important than any disagreement. Living people are much more honest than politics; all these other people's games are out there, not happening to us.

- Usually, both fans and even football players in the locker room listen to loud energetic music before the game. Is it possible to sing about football quietly?

- Absolutely, you can! You can write a lyric song. Say - a girl from Russia falls in love with a Spanish player, they have a romance. Then he leaves, and she sits on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and writes a quiet song about him. He will then listen to her and maybe remember his trip to Russia, who knows? But before the match, of course, the music should be cheerful to light a fire in the hearts, which will lead to victory.

- How to make people with different characters be one team and strive for this victory?

- This requires a common goal. A non-material one. This should be a super task, something about love, friendship, cohesion.

- The FIFA World Cup™ is coming to an end, and the guests will soon leave. In your opinion, what impressions will they take from Russia?

- Positive! I am sure that we have shown hospitality, sincerity, cordiality. I know such cases, when someone did not refuse someone in a lodging for the night, offered his place in the train, helped solve some problem. These are purely human stories that our guests will remember and take with them. These are stories about real people and about real love!