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It will be a wonderful final!

The whole match between the teams of England and Croatia on the Konyushennaya Square was about which of the teams is worthy to play in Moscow, and which one should remain in St. Petersburg


By the end of the World Cup at the FIFA Fan Festival™, there is real international mixture of fans. The colors of European teams were added to the Brazilians, Uruguayans, Iranians, Mexicans, and Peruvians, whose flags could be seen at the Festival from the first days of its work. The French, the Belgians, and the British - choose the Konyushennaya Square for viewing the games more and more often and obviously do not regret it.

One could watch a curious company in the break of the match Croatia - England. Two Brazilians, a Belgian, Russian girls and a young man, and an Iranian with a toddler on his shoulders, were enthusiastically arguing about whether England or Croatia is more worthy of reaching the final.

- Jack is an Englishman, and obviously, he does not even want to hear about the fact that the English will not win this Championship, - Artyom says about the nature of the dispute. - Manuel agrees with him, he is a Brazilian, but says that he loves the English championship. Timmy, on the contrary, does not want to hear about the British being in the final, and says that they must play with our team in St. Petersburg in the match for third place. The Iranian - I did not hear his name – doesn’t care.

- And I think that we need a new champion! Lera interrupts her friend. - If Russia did not make it to the finals, then let the Croats get there and win!

- Yes, you just like Modric! - laughs Artem.

The new friends of Artem and Lera, who do not understand Russian, show thumbs, agreeing that Modric is a good player.

The match goes on in extra time - the situation is already familiar for our World Cup.

- I sent my wife and son home, but I'll stay, - Alexander says. - I'm already somehow waiting for the penalty shootout. The subway works, and it is 20 minutes on foot from the metro to my house. It is interesting to see who will win. I'm not cheering for anyone, just curious. Well, football is not bad, not that yesterday.

The Croats seem to have decided to support the reputation of the official oracle of the FIFA Fan Festival™. In the quarterfinals, he already bet on the victory of Belgium in the game with the Brazilians, and the European team surprised everyone by going to the semifinals. Today the wolf surprised everyone again, making a prognosis in favor of Croatia. And the Croatian team, scoring in extra time, thus causing a real storm of emotions on the Konyushennaya Square, goes to the finals.