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"If Russia won the penalty shootout, I would cheer for it"

Ladies also watch the games with excitement, traveling around the tournament in search of the best FIFA Fan Festival™. Croatian girl Lea found herself on the Konyushennaya Square in St. Petersburg

– I've loved football since my childhood, – Lea smiles. – My friends do not share this hobby, so I travel alone. No, no, do not look so, it's not sad! On the contrary, I met a lot of wonderful people, my social networks are just bursting from friends requests!

– Did you start finding new friends in the airplane?
– (Laughs.) You have a very beautiful airport in the city, it's an international airport, is not it? I saw a lot of foreigners there. For me, football started as soon as I got off the plane!

– What do you think about the game of your team?
– We have excellent chances! In the composition there is my favorite player, Luka Modric. He showed himself very well in the match with Russia. Honestly, if your guys won, then I would be happy for them, too, because they strained very confidently to victory and showed a decent game. If that match ended not in favor of Croatia, I would be cheering for Russia.

– Were there any fears before the trip?
– No, I was quite determined; I have long dreamed that I will come to Russia to experience the atmosphere of the FIFA World Cup™ fully. My parents, of course, worried about me, but every day I send tons of selfies and pictures of St. Petersburg. The city is so beautiful that I cannot but share it with my family! Now I temporarily live in Germany, in Munich, and it is very different: if there life only boils in the center, then in your city, it seems, every corner is full of events. Basing on the first impression, I would say that your city is beauty, speed and busy people. Here the rhythm of life is really fast, everyone is in a hurry. On a quick gait, it's very easy to find out the local among the foreigners!

– Did the city manage to surprise you?
– Yes, I was a little shocked at how much money I spent on fruit! I bought them at the bus stop and it turned out not cheap at all! But vodka is very cheap! Before coming to Russia, I heard that you are very fond of this drink and often drink it. And also that your girls are among the most beautiful in the world. And this is a fact! They told me that you have a lot of rich men! About this, I also found out before the trip. Maybe that is why I'm traveling alone! (Laughs).

– How will you celebrate if Croatia wins the Trophy?
– When Russia played with Croatia, I met with guys from Zagreb at the FIFA Fan Festival™. In any case, we agreed to meet at a bar and have a drink. It sounds a bit boring, but I'm sure that we will not be bored. Still no one my trip to the bar could not do without fun, songs and dances in the street under the night sky. These emotions are indescribable!