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Goodbye, Messi; good-bye CR!

On Friday, the chief weather forecaster of St. Petersburg, Alexander Kolesov, said that cooling and even rains in some places are expected; he suggested that citizens spent their weekend at home. Fans listened to the forecaster, but did not listen to him


On the other hand, for many today, the advice to spend time at home is equivalent to the call to go to the FIFA Fan Festival™, because many have long felt at home here. If the torrential rain did not interfere with the joint viewing of football, then such a "trifle" as a piercing wind and + 11 Celsius most dedicated fans should not even feel.

For the first match of the 1/8 finals France - Argentina the people went fully armed. Foreigners could be easy to mention by colorful hats with earflaps - the most popular and, as it turned out, a very useful souvenir today for those who came to the World Cup in Russia. The hosts rustled their raincoats and were dressed in warm jackets, which in St. Petersburg no one hides with the onset of summer. Nobody allowed thoughts about staying at home at the TV.

- Oh, we've heard so much about this place, we have seen so many photos in social networks, that we did not go to the dacha this Saturday in order to visit the fan zone, - Marina smiles. – So how can we change the plans now? The championship will be over soon.

Marina's husband, Andrey, does not support his wife's optimism, he would have stayed at home with pleasure, would have watched Argentina with Messi playing on TV. He said he had made a condition for his wife: if it was very cold, they would leave the Konyushennaya Square.

- In general, I think that the match will be difficult for the Argentines and they are unlikely to score many goals. Maybe even lose, although I would not want it, - says Andrey.

In the break of the match, Marina is dancing cheerfully at the main stage, and Andrey is watching his wife with a smile. They changed their minds to leave.

- It's fun here, although it's cold, of course, - Marina admits.

However, the real cold could be felt from the fans of the national team of Argentina after the final whistle. The national team they supported lost, and was leaving Russia with Messi. Emotions were hitting the edge and it seemed even that someone was crying.

- Then let the Portuguese lose too! In fairness, - Nikita, on whose phone the emblem of FC "Barcelona" flaunts is angry. Apparently, he would have been in any case cheering for Uruguay, where another American Catalan Luis Suarez plays.

In a pause between matches is not crowded on the Konyushennaya Square. It seems even that the cold still prevailed over the love of football. But no, closer to the beginning of the game people on the entrances to the Festival lined up and it soon became clear that the entrance of the guests was temporarily restricted. The queue did not disperse, people did not lose hope to get to the Konyushennaya Square.

Uruguay and Portugal, meanwhile, were beginning to find out which of them is worthy of entering the quarterfinals, while the Portuguese flags dominated on the Konyushennaya Square. During the performance of the anthems, the two girls who came together clearly raise their scarves over their heads - one with the inscription "Portugal", the second - "Uruguay".

- Yes, we support different teams, - Elena laughs. - For a change.

- How did we choose? No, the lot was not thrown, Lena just likes Ronaldo, she started following football because of him - explains Tatiana. - And my dad and younger brother play football. Dad - at the amateur level, and my brother was invited in the Academy of FC “Zenit” last year. He is terribly proud. From my childhood, football is connected to my life.

Opinions of the girls on the outcome of the match Uruguay - Portugal diverge. Elena bets on the victory of the Portuguese with a score of 2:1.

 - Let the Uruguayans score one goal, - she says generously.

- Thank you, but I think that the score will be 2: 0, my Uruguayans will win, but your Cristiano will not score! - And the girls are laughing. "Ronaldo is super!" - The Portuguese fan in the ear-flap standing close, smiles and shows thumbs up.

Elena almost guessed the score - to the 80th minute of the match it is really 2: 1, but in favor of Uruguay. Portuguese fans on the Konyushennaya Square huddle and hide their faces in scarves - whether from the cold, or from the looming before their national team prospect of leaving the World Cup.

Alas, they were right. On the last and the coldest day of June, just two stars of the world football, the eternal rivals Messi and Ronaldo are simultaneously leaving the World Cup. Nevertheless, the tournament continues and tomorrow our main weather forecaster promises warming up to 16 degrees. It will be exactly hot on the Konyushennaya Square as tomorrow the Russian team plays. Come earlier to spend this day with us!