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DJ Kefir: "What should we do without football in the country?!"

The legendary DJ and musician Kefir, sometimes called the father of Russian dance music, prepared his best hits for the FIFA Fan Festival™. He explained this by the fact that there are many foreigners among the guests

DJ Kefir

–  I wanted to show all the best that I have. As well as our country at the World Cup tries to show its best.

Do you like what's happening on the Konyushennaya Square?
–  Yeah, that's cool! I think, if the area was bigger, the people would come even more. On the one hand, people love football, on the other hand, they want to relax, and it is possible to do both and have a good time at the Fan Festival. It's nice that everything is organized at a high level here. Such an extensive cultural program! I'm glad that I am a part of this festival!

What was the largest audience that you performed for?
–  50 thousand. It was cool! People accumulate energy and give it to you – it is a fantastic feeling. I understand the players who go on the field.

 Do you play football?
–  No, I'm more of a spectator. At school I played, of course, with the boys in the yard. Who did not? What should we do without football in the country? I support FC “Zenit”. I even have songs dedicated to the team.

 Have you ever been to the new stadium?
–  Not once! Somehow, I don’t have time, although friends always invite me. In my childhood I was at the Kirov Stadium, 33 sector, you know. The power of emotions was crazy there.

 Do you support the Russian national team?
–  What else can I do? It is necessary to support! Maybe someone likes the teams of other countries, but my team is “closer” to me. I follow Germany and I'm interested in the Japanese, as rising stars, though.

 How do you think our team will perform at the World Cup?
–  I do not like to give forecasts. The main thing is to do without injuries, and that everyone is to be healthy. Beautiful game? I think we will see it.

 Who will win in the end?
–  Peace and friendship!