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FC "Dynamo" and FC "N-skiy zavod" played on Krestovsky Island again

A unique event could be seen on May 31 at the “Dynamo” stadium on Krestovsky Island. FC "Dynamo" and FC "N-skiy zavod" appeared on the field. The names of the teams are exactly the same as of the teams that played on this arena on May 31, 1943. In fact, the players of FC "N-skiy zavod" were the players from Leningrad FC "Zenit", who worked at the Leningrad Metal Plant during the blockade.

Before the game in 1943 it was decided to shorten the legth of the times to 30 minutes. FC “N-skiy zavod”had difficulties with the line-up: some players could not take part in the game being exhausted from hunger. Since FC "N-skiy zavod" lacked one player, FC “Dynamo” delegated their own football player to the rival team. The match ended with the victory of FC “Dynamo” with a score of 6:0, but, according to the memories of the participants of that match, both teams were happy about the result, and left the field hugging each other.

- “In the severe living conditions of the blockade, those people managed to take part in the game, they “infected” everyone around with the Leningrad spirit! It was a victory of the spirit over the war”, - said the Ambassador of the World Cup, the famous commentator and journalist Gennady Orlov, opening the "Match of Memory and Glory", which took place 75 years after the legendary game in the besieged city.

The idea to hold a memorable game was offered by the teacher of the school 367 of the Frunzenskiy district Evgeniy Moroz, the head of the project "Additional time". The deputies of the Frunzenskiy and Petrograd districts of the city supported the idea. Before the starting whistle a meeting was held near the monument to the football players of the besieged Leningrad, which was opened by the Master of Sports, the honored coach of the USSR German Zonin. The meeting was attended by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of St.Petersburg Vyacheslav Makarov, the Vice-Governor of the city Konstantin Serov, and the heads of the Frunzenskiy and Petrograd districts - Valery Sapozhnikov and Ivan Gromov.

The game was spent in equal fight and ended in a draw - 2:2. After the match all the participants received commemorative medals.