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Day in history: how the blessed cap was returned to Lev Yashin

On the eve of the important day for the Russian national team, signs are seen in everything, including historical dates. July 6 can be safely called a premiere, and many events that happened on that day were in their own way - signs

For example, on July 6, 1957, the first meeting between John Lennon and Paul McCartney happened at the parish church in Woolton. What came out of this meeting is now known to everyone, as well as the fact that the band “The Beatles” created by the friends made a revolution in music.

On July 6, 1964, the song "Satisfaction", which is still considered the "The Rolling Stones" card, was on the first place in the Billboard magazine's hit parade.

Born July 6, 1981, the player of the Russian national team Roman Shirokov also made a small coup in the minds of football experts who managed to “put a cross” on a career of a promising football player. However, Roman reconsidered his views on life and returned to the game. Guus Hiddink, who in 2007 called him to the national team, liked Shirokov. In 2008, he became a bronze medalist at the European Championship, and then collected a whole collection of titles with FC "Zenit", where the player was invited at a time when no one really believed in him.

The legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin did not believe that his talisman – the cap – would be found. July 6, 1960, the USSR national team defeated Czechoslovakia and reached the final of the first European Championship. The match was held in Marseille and after the final whistle, fans broke through to the field, picked up the goalkeeper and began to pump him. In turmoil, someone pulled the blessed cap of Yashin. The goalkeeper rushed to the policemen, but there was little hope of finding the loss. "I was sitting and almost crying. We had to play the final match, and I didn’t have a single spare cap!” - Yashin later recalled. – “And then the door opens, and a policeman enters the locker room. In his hands there is my precious cap!" So the Marseilles policeman returned the USSR national team its talisman, and to our goalkeeper - peace of mind. As you know, the first European Champion was our team.

Czechoslovakia - USSR - 0: 3 (0: 1); July 6, 1960. Match 1/2 finals of the 1st European Cup. Marseilles. Stadium "Velodrome". Goals: Ivanov (35, 58), Monday (64).