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Quickly and with comfort: trams №№ 19, 48, and 48А will take the spectators of the World Cup to stadium and to metro stations

The movement on the official tram routes of sports competitions will be intensified 3 hours before the start of matches and within 3 hours after the final whistle

In the days of the World Cup football games, trams № 19 and №48, as well as an additional route №48A, will bring the fans to the stadium and back in an enhanced mode. These lines connect Yakhtennaya Street with metro stations "Staraya Derevnya" and "Chernaya Rechka". The passengers will travel in modern three-section cars of increased capacity.

Movement on a dedicated lane on Savushkin Street guarantees the time on the tram tracks of sports competitions: №№ 19, 48 and 48А. Yakhtennaya Street - metro station "Staraya derevnya": 10 minutes; Yakhtennaya Street - metro station "Chernaya Rechka": 20 minutes.

Tram routes of sports competitions:

№ 19: Yakhtennaya Street - metro station “Staraya Derevnya”

№48А: Yakhtennaya Street – metro station "Chernaya Rechka" (further goes to Studencheskaya Street).

№48: Yakhtennaya Street - metro station "Chernaya Rechka" (further goes along Torzhkovskaya Street, B. Sampsonievsky Ave, 1-st Murinsky Ave to Politechnicheskaya Street).

The interval between trams will be 3 minutes. So, after a walk along Yakhtenny Bridge, the spectators of the matches can immediately get on the tram: when one tram leaves the stop, the other one is already approaching. Navigation information will be posted at the stops on the days of matches, so passengers will see how to get to the metro station right on the spot.

Each of the three-compartment cars can carry up to 300 passengers at a time - these are low-floor trams produced by the Ust-Katavsky car-building plant and the Vityaz trams. Everything needed for the comfort of passengers is provided in the cars: low floor and no steps, spacious lounge, modern information systems, media complexes with up-to-date information, and LED displays. Inside the tram, you can also charge the smartphone - the cars are equipped with USB-ports. Also, all cars are equipped with a free Wi-Fi network, in which there is no advertising. For transport service of each of the matches, the line on Savushkin Street is intensified with the amount of up to 32 new cars on three routes.

The drivers underwent additional certification to work on the routes involved in the transportation of spectators of matches. Ticket collectors studied the basics of the English language at special courses at the Training Center of the “Gorelectrotrans” to communicate with foreign passengers and to help them navigate the city during the trip. A special mood will be created by the new uniform, in which drivers and ticket collectors will be dressed.

During the 2018 FIFA  World Cup™ matches, the right to travel free on the sports competition routes is given to viewers in accordance with the date indicated on the ticket for the match and is valid for the entire calendar day before the end of the transport service, without restrictions on the number of trips.

Information on the work of tram routes of sports competitions is presented:

ГЭТ.РУС: Scheme of tram routes №№ 19, 48, 48А (English version): FIFA 2018 World Cup™. Tram routes 19, 48 to stadium

Information about transport to the stadium "Saint-Petersburg": SPb GKU "Organizer of transportation"

Information: +7 921 395 43 13 - Daria Timofeeva, Press Service of SPb GUP "Gorelectrotrans".