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Alsu: "True fans are even proud when they strain voice"

The name of a popular singer has recently been strongly associated with football. She performed at the opening ceremony of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup™ representing her native Tatarstan. A few months later, together with Ivan Urgant, she was leading the ceremony for the 2018 World Cup toss. However, as it turned out, Alsu loves football for a long time

- Your father is a football fan and you even said once that you watch some matches with him. How turbulent are these reviews?
- Yes, Dad has always loved football. When I was little, we often watched football together, cheered and screamed. Now, unfortunately, I rarely do it with my parents. Nevertheless, the World Cup is taking place with our active participation at the screens.

- Do you remember one of the matches, special for you?
- Of course, the first match of the Championship, the first victory game for our team!

- In your opinion, why is football so popular in the world? What makes it so attractive to people?
- It seems to me, that in the first place, it is a very affordable sport. You can play football everywhere: on the field, in the yard, on the lawn, even in the hallways - neatly, of course (laughs). It is enough that there was a ball and someone would make a magic motion with his foot. Then there is immediately one who is ready to receive the pass. In addition, this is an incredibly entertaining sport. The ball flies into the gate! These seconds ... It's an explosion of emotions!

- Do you think the most football countries are the most singing? England, Argentina, Brazil, Italy are very musical countries.
- Of course, music is absolutely everything. What else could you hear in response to such a question from a musician? (Laughs) Music is life itself.

- You once lived in England, where there is a real cult of football. Have you been to the stadium there? Are the local fans different from the Russians and what?
- Yes, in England I went to several matches. I do not even know if the fans are different. No, of course, we, Russians, are the coolest and most passionatel fans. It can’t be argued (smiles). However, it seems to me that football is beautiful in that it unites the fans of the whole world. The atmosphere in the stadiums during the match is inexpressible! And at the number of fans at the screens !!! They are all united in their huge desire to help their team. In this, all the fans are the same. And that is great!

- England is famous for its singing fans. In Russia, too, the stands in the  stadiums often sing. As a professional, give advice: how do you prepare for such shows, so as not to strain the voice (which often happens with fans) and at the same time sing beautifully?
- Oh! What advice can I give here?! This is football! These are emotions! They are absolutely impossible to prepare or control. Yes, and then ... For some reason I'm even sure that the true fans are even proud when they strain the voice - this is a proof of how actively they were cheer for their team.

- You have a son growing up; does he already show interest in football?
- He is not even two years old. He plays everything and with everything.

- This year you celebrate the anniversary - 20 years on the big stage. Success and popularity came to you early - was there any star fever?
- I, probably, was lucky - I avoided this, though I don’t know how. Then everything literally fell on me, a shy little girl: on the one hand, - fame and recognition, and on the other - some kind of frantic tour schedule and work, work, and work. Moreover, I continued to study in London, I had a lot to do to cope with my studies. I was brought up in strictness. Now I understand that thanks to all these factors, I even had no opportunity to think about a star life (laughs).

- In football, for example, it often happens that a young football player flashed as a star and disappeared, never revealing his potential. How to avoid this?
- It's not only in football ... Success, victory - it's hard work - hours, months, years of continuous training. Athletes know this better than many. If you are ready to be content with the minute glory, then this is your choice. If you want your name to be written down in history so that you do not say that your success is a lucky coincidence; having won, you should thank all those with whom you have reached the top of the pedestal, and continue to work. Not conquered peaks are waiting for you!

- Many male artists play football and even hold tournaments. Now women's football is very actively developing. Have you ever thought of organizing a women's team?
- What an interesting offer! (laughs) There is something to think about. However, at the moment I'd better wish all the girls who have devoted themselves to football, health and strength in this hard work.

- During the World Cup in all cities where the tournament matches will be held, the FIFA Fan Festivals™ are organized. What do you think about it?
- This is a truly magnificent action. I watch the feed in social networks. It is full of reports about the meetings of fans in all the cities of Russia, where matches are scheduled for the national teams. Such a great mixture of nations. It is great! It is interesting! It is beautiful!

- What result do you expect from the Russian national team at the tournament and what would you like to wish our footballers and their fans?
- I do not like to guess at the future. I'm sure that the guys will do everything and even beyond that. I want to wish our team, going on the field, to remember that they are not alone, that at this moment hundreds of thousands of people, the whole Russia, goes with them. Let our faith help them on the way to the final! Russia supports you, guys! Never look back!