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Alexey Kortnev: "I follow the World Cup very carefully"

The leader of the group "Neschastniy Sluchai", who will perform at the FIFA Fan Festival™ in St. Petersburg, shared his impressions of the football championship of the planet before the starting whistle of the final stage matches


- Of course, there are a lot of things that connect football and music, - Alexey believes. - Good football, as good music, is full of improvisation, ensemble play, virtuoso solos. The bad football reminds a concert of mediocrities singing to a phonogram. I'm not a fan of football. Although, of course, I admit its greatness. Somehow, it happened that from childhood I was fond of other sports. However, for the World Cup all the rest is aside! Only football! Ole-ole!

- Did you manage to follow the matches? Was it possible to go incognito to any FIFA Fan Festival™?

- I follow the World Cup very carefully. Both, for matches, and for what is happening around the stadiums. So far, the sensations are beautiful. Here I am not original! (smiles) I very much hope for the preservation of such a friendly and festive atmosphere right up until the moment when the last foreign fans leave Russia. I would not like to spoil everything with some idiotic incident. If we do not fail, the impressions will be great.

- After the games, someone is happy to win, someone is disappointed by the defeat. Someone comes to the FIFA Fan Festival™ already when his team has left. Do you have a song in your repertoire that will please both?

- Music is good in that it does not express any unique emotion. In the same song, the grieving person will find comfort, and the exultant will support his joy. So, let's just perform our favorite songs well.