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120 minutes that shook St. Petersburg

Today the Konyushennaya Square became Triumphal and the FIFA Fan Festival™ gave football fans the chance to experience unique emotions and become a part of history


30 minutes before the start of the game, Spain - Russia on the Konyushennaya Square there is almost a full house, and the entrances have accumulated many fans. Believers in a miracle are rushing between checkpoints in the hope that somewhere there will be less people and they will be able to join the lucky winners who take seats at the screens of the fan zone. The rest wait patiently for the miracle in the queue.

- I very much want to be together with everyone today! - explains Kirill. - I watched the match with Uruguay here. You know, in a crowd defeat is experienced easier.

Kirill does not think that the Russian national team will beat Spain, but repeats that hope dies last. Including the hope to get to the Konyushennaya Square.

- It's so cool here that I'm even ready to watch the match on the phone here in the queue, because the screams from the fan zone will be heard, and even here at the entrance people crowded into the small stadium! - Alexei laughs and makes selfie against the backdrop of a huge line.

The most enterprising already occupy places on the embankment, from where one of the screens installed in the fan zone is seen. Here they are caught by the starting whistle. Lucky people who are inside the perimeter, occupy the best places at the screens.

- I came from Ufa to visit my sister; she studies at a medical institute and is now practicing. I watched matches on TV for a week, and today she just drove me out of the house! - With a smile, Almaz complains. - She said she was tired of my football and suggested watching the team play in some bar. I went to look for a suitable place and saw the pointer "Fan Festival". And here I am! I'll go home, I'll thank my sister!

However, at first the team's game did not inspire with optimism. The Spaniards quickly opened the score and everything was going to the fact that they will be the winners of this match of 1/8. The Konyushennaya Square sends the energy charge "Russia! Russia!" to Moscow, where the match takes place. And it works. St. Petersburger Artem Dzyuba scores a penalty and depicts Hulk - his former partner in the FC "Zenit".

Dzyuba's goal, however, does not add optimism to the break, but the guests of the Festival converge in one – both, in the grief of defeat, and the joy of victory are best experienced together.

- We're here for the first time. When our team left the group, the whole family decided that we would watch the game at the Festival, because it will either be the last game of our team at the World Cup, or the one that it's a sin to watch at home on TV, - Natalia says. - Of course, the game is given to our guys with difficulties. However, I believe in victory. And if it happens, I want to be a part of this holiday.

- We play slowly, do not press, we run a lot without the ball, and we lose our strength! It's good that they evened the score, but I do not see yet, due to what Cherchesov is going to defeat the Spaniards, - Sergey, who also came to the Konyushennaya Square for the first time, is indignant.

The fans standing next to him object that “this” Spain can be defeated and the coach of our team will certainly adjust the game during the break. A traditional dispute is being tied up, and in Moscow, meanwhile, the second half begins. And the more time passes, the more strongly the guests of the Festival have the confidence that it is a matter of a penalty shootout.

This forecast is just coming true. And in the lottery, as usually football people call a series of 11 meters, in which the winner of the meeting is determined, luck is on the side of the Russians.

At this moment, the Konyushennaya Square explodes with joy. Emotions beat over the edge, splash out on the limits of the fan zone, fill the streets adjacent to it. "Yes, yes, I know, I congratulate you," a young man is shouting to someone in the phone, hurrying towards Nevsky Prospekt. Strangers congratulate each other. And not only in Russian. We are glad for the victory of our team and the foreigners who were cheering today for our team together with the Petersburgers.

In the match Croatia - Denmark the rival of the Russian national team in the quarterfinals was determined. Nevertheless, the score in the match to the end of the meeting is the same as in the game Spain - Russia - 1: 1. Is it extra time again?

- On the one hand, I want the Croats to win. On the other hand, they are “unconvenient”, and much more dangerous than Spain, - Alexander shares his doubts. - And after our going to the quarterfinals you want more - the semi-final and at least the match for third place!

Apparently, today is such a day - the Croats and the Danes move the clarification of relations into overtime. The Konyushennaya Square does not disperse, but in the crowd there is still someone chanting "Russia, Russia". Curiously, most of the guests are cheering for Denmark. Simply because they consider it a more convenient opponent for our team. And when the Croats do not score a penalty, the square explodes with cries of joy. The case again goes to a series of eleven-meter. As a result, the rival of the Russian team in the quarterfinals is … Croatia!